5 Days 5 Ways Challenge!

Challenges are always fun! They bring out the creative and daring side of you outside. Are you ready to practice and show off your curves or accept your skinny figure? If yes, then for the next 5 working days, pull out the following challenge and see how gutsy you are.

Day 1

How about some loose pants today? Wear Thai Fisherman Pants of blue color and pair them with a sleeveless or cap-sleeved black or white plain round-neck or V-shaped neck. The pants are not only very soft and airy, but also the texture and fabric are very smooth and comfortable. With a messy bun piled on your head, hoop earrings decorating your easy and simple chain or locket would add a more chic style. To complete the look, wear flat sandals so that you can walk around easily in those Thai Fisherman Pants. Jazz up the atmosphere around you with this lit outfit!

Day 2

How about something vibrant yet elegant? Wear a reddish or deep pink Beach party Dress. Although it is called a beach party dress but the twist is that you can wear it at a club, a date, a dinner, or even a festival. Pair it with a teardrop earring or a drop earring and a dapped bar chain would look good with the spaghetti straps. With a waterfall braid or a side, braided bun and a pair of block heels would complete your look. You are ready to slay now!

Day 3

How about some tribal festivity now? Wear a dark colored Indian skirt from Jaipur. Match it with a boat-necked blouse of equally dark color. Here your jewelry and makeup are important to complete an Indian look. Wear heavy chandeliers and a long pendant chain. Also, add a heavy charm anklet to show off your trendsetting style. Loose curls would definitely steal the show!

Day 4

How about something which flatters from every angle? Wear a Front Open Poncho of black and yellow combination. This would drift all the attention to you. This style is to interlace traditional with modern chic style. You can wear a plain white T-shirt which would look very prominent in the front open poncho. Pair it with jeans and brown or any dark colored wedges. Simple huggies or studs would look pretty decent with it. With straight and shiny hair you, are all set to step out and impress!

Day 5

Lastly, how about something very ethnic yet very out of the box? Wear a Gypsy Tribal Lurex Skirt in plain black color. Black is always a style statement. Put on a similar plain embroidered or beaded black top.  Both voluminous curls, as well as a braided bun would complete the look. This looks classy especially on the dance floor!

Yayy! It’s done! How do you feel after showcasing your best efforts in pulling out these outfits? We are sure you rocked them. Next time, don’t hesitate from challenging yourself in something new and epic.  


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