8 Chic Ideas to drape A Scarf – making it a multipurpose accessory

In today’s working environment, it pays to have a good knowledge of the varied fashion adornments that can immensely complement one’s personality. Scarves have apparently outstripped the borders of functionality to one of an iconic fashion statement. Knowing different ways to tie a scarf will still get away with style and elegance.

Scarves are made of varied fabrics such as cashmere, wool, cotton, silk, etc. One can get countless designs in scarves in various colours and styles. Different people have different preferences, some like bold colours whereas some others like stripes.

Scarves can be used for multiple purposes. It and be used as protection to the neck and head from harmful sun rays. On the flip side, it can be used as a fashion accessory. Thus, designers mainly focus on making these elegant and stunning apparels more appealing by attaching laces and beads on the edges.

Wearing a scarf is simple. There are so many ways to drape the stylish scarves. Outfits like t-shirt, top, and skirt can get a new edge with the scarf.

Below are some amazingly easy ways to drape scarf styles for women

As a hair accessory

Use the scarf as a hair tie to provide your look more feminism. You can buy a square shape scarf to attain this look. Pick one that is small to medium in size. Adding a stylish scarf piece to your hairstyle can bring a new dimension to your dress. You can wear it like a turban or can simply tie it around your head.

Double Sided

Place two of your choice scarves back to back. Bend once around your neck and for a movie date.

Summer cap

Another best way to wear the scarf is by wearing it as a “cap”. Simply turn your scarf into a triangle shape by overlapping it in half diagonally.

Bathing Suit Accessory

When you’re exploring the beach in your swimsuit, build a stylish impression, by wrapping a scarf around your head.

Printed scarf

Wear a printed neck scarf under the collar of your dress to make the closet staple feel new.


Dress up those summer skinnies with a scarf-belt! It’s literally attractive than your ordinary belt.

Loop style

If you have a beautiful deep neck top in your wardrobe that you love, however, cannot wear as you are comfortable because of the neck is too deep, we have an idea for you. You can wear the scarf in the form of a loop. This will cover the neck depth and will look classy on you.

Shoulder Duster Scarf

While the style statement is not the only purpose that you require a scarf, there are several other reasons to carry it. A scarf has healthy advantages also; it keeps your neck area mild. Take a scarf and pair it with your top and skinny pant. It is perfect for a regular look and adds elegance to your outfit.

No doubt, purchasing a present for a woman for any occasions can be a daunting task. However, buying a chic silk scarf can be the best decision. Buying a scarf is no hassle. You can opt for neutral or bright colours and not bother about what shade to choose.

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