The American Tribal Style Dance is contemporary style of the dance form belly dance. The major outlining distinguishing quality of American Tribal Style Dance from is the improvisation of the group. The American Tribal Style is usually performed as a group performance. The dance form generally lights up the community celebrations and events such as parades and festivals. The dance form describes the roots and origins of the tribal community. It is believed that the dance depicts or displays the beliefs and symbolizes the vision of the tribal community. The dance form of a tribal community differs from other communities. American Tribal Style dance can also be associated with the belly dance that was invented in the western coast of USA. The dance form is infamous for theatre performances.

American Tribal Style Dance

The American Tribal Style Dance is a group performance, but it is also performed as solo dance. The dance starts usually when one of the lead dancers starts the improvisation and then subtly gives indications and signs and other group dancers follow. The lead dancers also indicate their next dance move and where the lead dancer will go and dance next. Hence, the dance form looks unified, effortless and flowy without any interruptions. The dance form can also be performed in a way where the only focus in on one or two dancers presenting a solo or a duet while other dancers of the group perform in the background of the stage. The American Tribal Style Dance also known as ATS dance can be performer with props and braces.

The dance form usually uses props such as vintage fans, swords or finger cymbals and animals. The signature and chief mark or dance move of the American Tribal Style Dance is the tribal back – bend. The key dance move is performed as the dancer stands by and starts bending his or her back backwards in a motion that looks like it is parallel to the ground.

It may look unhealthy or dangerous for the back of the dancer. But the trick of this tough dance move is to avoid injury is by bending from the knees in the beginning, then the lumbar area of the spinal cord. The dance has evolved in the years and currently fusion with the American belly dance is quite trending. The crowd loves a good fusion of the dance with famous dance forms. The American Tribal Style dance is usually mixed with hip-hop and belly dance and also some other forms as well.

American Tribal Style Costumes

The American Tribal style dance costumes adds to the amazement of the dance moves and the dance form itself. The costumes are one of its kind and very unique from other costumes of other dance forms. It is majorly is a two piece dress. The dress is obtained from a number of tribal fusion traditional and ethnic clothing. The costume consist of a long skirt, a coin decorated bra, a short or cropped choli, heavy and large silver turbans and jewellery and scarves with fringes for hips. The makeup for the dance is quite heavy and dark. It majorly consists of dark kajal, kohl, eyeliner and mascara. The dancers may sometimes add to the costume by getting ancient tattoos. Sometimes the costume can be enhanced with a decorative headgear. All of it can be found at


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