Basic building blocks of wardrobe from scratch for beginners – because it is never too late

How to determine a woman’s taste of clothing? Raid her wardrobe and find out what kind of clothes does she have. Women have varying tastes. Each woman would surprise you with the unique taste they have for dressing up. From black lovers to chic style, street style, geeky-chic style, retro style to preppy, casual or girl-next-door style you will find a huge variety of clothes making their way into a wardrobe. Many people still find it a hassle to sort out their wardrobe. Well, no worries. We will rescue you from that hassle. Just follow the following simple rules and steps and you will end up with an ideal wardrobe.

Manage the hangers

Tank tops, flannels, T-shirts and other casual articles are supposed to be in the hangers. Iron them and neatly hang them in the hangers. Don’t stuff them blindly into the wardrobe otherwise, it would create a mess. Even if you stack them together, they will do good.

Do the folding

Your pants, leggings, jeans, skirts, shorts, skirts and all other bottoms except the lingerie is supposed to be folded and neatly placed under the hangers. Keep all of them it with their own kind so that you don’t lose them at the time of need. If you have hats and caps you can pile them on the top of these bottoms to save space.

Make imaginary partitions

Partitions among the casual, formal and fancy is important. The casuals are for your daily wear. You won’t run to the grocery in formals of course. When going out to run some chores, to hang out with a friend or watch Netflix and chill it is the causals you will rip from the hangers and folding. The formals are for your office wear, university presentations or other family events. They are supposed to stay in a crisp condition so make sure you are gentle with them. Finally, the fancy ones are for the prom nights, fancy dinners, weddings and other parties. You can cover them in plastic bags especially designed for clothes so that they don’t lose their shine.

Use drawers for lingerie and accessories

Neatly fold your lingerie and place them in the drawers. Don’t stack them mercilessly as that would occupy much more space than required. You can keep your other feminine products there so that everything is compiled in one place.

The bottommost part is for bags and footwear

In the bottom, line up your footwear. Your footwear range must consist of canvas, sneakers, a pair of heels, boots and flip flops. Avoid placing any of these after putting them on for an event. They are sweaty and need not be placed in the wardrobe directly otherwise a foul smell would invade your wardrobe.

This way you can easily arrange your wardrobe without falling into too much hassle. Make it as organized as possible. At the time of need, there would be no panic. 

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