Choosing your Clothing

Clothing has always been an important aspect in a woman’s life and it has gone through phases over different eras and centuries. Clothing and a woman’s choice has been affected by numerous factors.

Women clothing and Society

With crimes against women increasing with such a pace, the winds of consent and questionable attire is something triggering numerous debates. There have been comments from known personalities that how a women dress is responsible for her safety. Women all over the world are uniting against this perception and putting their choices before wrong mentalities. The societal norms which forces a woman to put compulsion before her choice. People attach a women’s character and the number of crimes against her with the style of her clothing. Women in most of the Middle eastern countries are bound to wear Hijab as a law.

Men are making rules about what a women should wear, that’s the most hilarious joke on humanity.

Women and fashion

Women are born with a rooted wish to look gorgeous and beautiful. They want to be the focal point of any event and stand out. For this they choose different cuts, designs, fabrics, textures, etc. With the upsurge in social media’s influence on fashion. Trends are way more hyped then ever. Women most of the times are influenced by these psychological pressure of not being left out and lagging behind the trend. They tend to choose beyond their comfort and choice depending on the trends.

There are situations like a wedding or a family gathering where a woman has to put the norms of the family before what she truly believes. As mentioned above, the choice of clothing differs from country to country. The safety standards of one country forces a woman to wear garments which are not revealing. This is because still many communities believe that woman’s skin showing clothes are provocative and are the cause for their harm. Many women fight against this, but many submit to the thought of better safe than sorry.

Role of economy

Economies of different nations can also play a major role in what a woman would decide to wear. In fast moving and urban economies like the USA, people incline towards comfortable clothing which is also professional. Something that is low- maintainance and can be worn on everyday basis.

Role of social media

Social media plays a key role in forming public opinion. With all the women over the globe uniting through social media in this huge phenomenon called feminism, more and more women are rising above the preset social norms. They are aware of their rights, their rights on how they want to be dressed and their bodies. Women today feel supported and not alone. She tends to keep her choices above all.

There have been movements shattering the opinions of men who accuse a woman’s clothing for crimes against her.

The fashion bloggers and public activists are trying everyday to normalise a woman’s body. It’s not a temple and the wealth of your society doesn’t dwell in them, they are human just like men. Women are putting their comfort and choices before societies and trends.


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