• 120 Pcs Pack Wevez Women Mix Bindi Jewelry Dots

    Quantity: 120 Sheets
    We keep making and adding new designs so designs are always changing. You will get assorted designs
    Feature: Reusable and skin friendly
    Note: Each sheet contains Multiple Bindi (Tatoo Dots)
    Category: Indian Bollywood Bindi

  • Beach Wear Rayon Scarve Pareo – 3 Pc Set

    Category: Beach Wear
    Style: Sarongs Rayon pareo

    Measurement (appx):
    Length: 70 inches
    Height: 40 inches
    Color: You will get 3 assorted color pareo
    Washing Instruction: Separate wash in Coldwater

  • Belly Dance Hand Bracelets (Cuffs) Arm Bands With Coins

    Size: one fits most of the size
    Quantity: 10 pcs or say 5 pairs
    Colour: Mix assorted
    Fabric: 100% polyester fabric.
    Coin-colour: Silver and Golden arm bands (choose from options)
    Category: dancing bracelets
    Style: belly dance bracelets

  • Cotton Face Masks Washable and Reusable – Pack of 100

    Category: Washable and Reusable masks
    Fabric: Cotton
    Feature: breathable anti pollution mask you can use while cycling, going market, travelling
    Color: Mix Assorted
    Style: Printed and Plain

  • $22.50
  • $49.99
  • Pack of Small Reusable foldable Bag

    Feature: ideal for vegetable, bread and daily stuff shopping
    Category: Multi-Purpose Bag
    Colour: Random assorted
    Length: 13 inches to 14 inches (assorted sizes)
    Width: 14 inches

  • Printed Women’s Fashion Cotton Headbands

    Size (appx): Stretches to about 24 inches ~ about 11 inches wide
    Feature: can be worn two ways, scrunched up as a headband or opened up to cover your head.
    Design / colour: multiple assorted designs and colours
    Use: gym, running, cycling and outing

  • $110.00
  • Unisex Shemagh Tactical Checkered Scarf – pack of 10

    Style: checkered scarf middle east
    Head Neck Arafat Desert Scarfs
    : 10
    Fabric: Cotton

    Colour: Mix Assorted

  • $54.99
  • $39.99
  • $44.99
  • Wevez 12 pcs Oriental Belly Dance Tribal Hip Scarf Scarves

    Style: Crochet
    Category: Belly Dance Hip Scarfs
    Color: Multiple Color
    Quantity: 12 Pcs

    Measure Approx:
    Total waist:  64″ inches
    Decorated part: 31″ inches
    Height :10″ inches at the longest point
    Note: This listing is only for Hip Scarfs, other products like skirt is not included.

  • $49.99
  • Wevez Artwork Vintage Sari Silk Fabric – 5 pcs lot

    Quantity: 5 Sari Fabric pc
    Color: Mix Assorted  

    Condition: Vintage
    Product Description: These sari fabric can be used to making garments, styling your crafts / art work etc.
    Category: DIY Craft Vintage Saree fabric

  • $39.99
  • $39.99
  • $26.99
  • Wevez Chiffon Hip Scarf for Belly Dancing-12 pcs

    Color: mix
    Quantity: 12
    Measurement ( Approx)
    Length: 61″ inches
    Width: 28″ inches
    Fabric: 100 % Polyester Fabric

  • Wevez Egyptian Belly dance hip scarfs (Lot of 12)

    Quantity: 12 pc
    Colour: Assorted
    Measurement: Scarves/Belt
    Length: 61″ inches
    Width: 28″ inches at longest point
    Category: Belly Dance Accessories

  • Wevez Reusable Eco-Friendly Grocery Multi-Purpose Shopping Bags

    Style: Grocery Bags with pockets
    Category: Multi-use / Multi-Purpose Bag
    Colour: Mix assorted design and colours
    Measurement: 13 inches x 14 inches
    Strap Length: 28 inches

  • Wevez Tribal belly dance belt 10 Pc Multi Scarves

    Quantity: 10 belts
    Measurements (approx)

    Length is 50″inches (125cms)
    Decorated part approx: 23″inches(59cms)
    Category: Dance Accessories
    Note: Skirt is not included

  • Wevez Velvet Belly Dancer Costumes Hip Scarves-12 pcs

    Color: mix
    Quantity: 12
    Measurement ( Approx)
    Length: 61″ inches
    Width: 28″ inches
    Fabric: 100 % Polyester Fabric

  • $35.00$40.00
  • Wevez Women’s Mix Color Belly Dance Chiffon Veils, One Size, Assorted

    • Measure (Approx.): Length: 100 inches Height: 42 inches
    • Polyester Fabric
    • Golden Color trim lining border
    • You will get assorted colors veils

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