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  • US$24.99
  • US$16.00 US$65.00
  • US$250.00
  • US$10.00 US$35.00
  • Australian Women’s Fashion Tops for Summer – 50 pc pack

    Style: Short sleeve tops
    Colour: multi colour tie dye
    Measurement (appx): Height: 30 inches & Bust: 44 inches
    Category: Women multicolor tops
    Note: Order wait time 30-40 days

  • US$11.00 US$40.00
  • Digital Printed Beach Loose Casual Mini Short Dress – 3 Piece Set

    Measurement (Appx):
    Bust: 48 inches
    Height: 36 inches
    Fabric: Italian Crepe
    Color: Random / Assorted Colors / Prints

    Style – Short Loose Dress

    Category : Casual Loose Print Short Dress

  • US$750.00
  • US$250.00
  • Halter Neck Summer Maternity Printed Dresses – 3 pc Set

    Style: Halter Dresses

    Brand – Wevez
    Category: Maternity Dress
    Color: Mix Assorted Prints and colors
    Measurement (appx):
    Height: 56 inches
    Bust: 32 to 46 inches

  • US$32.00 US$50.00
  • US$700.00
  • US$27.99
  • US$300.00
  • Pack of 5 Small Saree Vintage Wrap Skirts – Choice Available

    Category: wrap skirts for women
    Size: knee length skirts
    Color/print: like picture

    Measurement (Appx):
    Length: 24 inches
    Waist: 46 inches

  • US$37.99
  • US$250.00
  • Plus Size Swirl Tie Dye Dresses for Australian Ladies

    Category: Australian Clothing
    Style: Spiral Tie Dye Dress
    Quantity: 3 / 5

    Measure (Approx):
    Bust: 48 inches
    Height: 43 inches

    Color: Mix assorted design and colors

    US$27.00 US$40.00
  • US$25.00 US$35.00
  • US$27.00 US$40.00
  • US$10.00 US$35.00
  • Summer Printed Long Sleeve Maxi Dress – 3 Piece Set

    Style: Printed Maxi Dresses
    Category: Designer Long Sleeve Dress
    Color: Random Assorted
    Measurement (appx):
    Height: 53 inches
    Bust: 41 inches
    Sleeve: 15 inches

  • US$11.00 US$40.00

    Summer Wear Sun Dress for Women

    US$11.00 US$40.00
  • US$400.00
  • US$250.00
  • Unisex Shemagh Tactical Checkered Scarf – pack of 10

    Style: checkered scarf middle east
    Head Neck Arafat Desert Scarfs
    : 10
    Fabric: Cotton

    Colour: Mix Assorted

  • US$500.00
  • US$500.00
  • US$39.99
  • US$44.99
  • Wevez 12 pcs Oriental Belly Dance Tribal Hip Scarf Scarves

    Style: Crochet
    Category: Belly Dance Hip Scarfs
    Color: Multiple Color
    Quantity: 12 Pcs

    Measure Approx:
    Total waist:  64″ inches
    Decorated part: 31″ inches
    Height :10″ inches at the longest point
    Note: This listing is only for Hip Scarfs, other products like skirt is not included.


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