• New York and Company Summer Sundress for Women – 3 Pc Set

    Quantity: 3 Dress
    Fabric: Art Silk (Sari Fabric)
    Measurement (appx):
    Height: 56 inches
    Bust: 28 to 44 inches
    Color: Mix Assorted
    Category: Dresses for Summer
    Style: Halter Neck Dresses

  • Casual Beach Fashion Dresses Outfit – 03 Pc Set

    Style: Short Casual Silk Dress
    Quantity: 03 pcs
    Color: Mix assorted colors
    Category: Knee Length Casual Dress
    Measurement (appx):
    Bust: 26 to 46 inches (stretchable)
    Length: 40 inches

  • Wevez Pack of 03 Beach Cover Ups Gown / Dress

    Style: Wrap Coverup Dress
    Category: Silk Printed Clothing
    Color: Mix Assorted Prints and colours
    Measurement (appx):
    Bust: 48 inches
    Height: 40 inches
    Sleeve: Mix sleeve size

    $22.00$27.00 19% off
  • Halter Neck Summer Maternity Printed Dresses – 3 pc Set

    Style: Halter Dresses

    Brand – Wevez
    Category: Maternity Dress
    Color: Mix Assorted Prints and colors
    Measurement (appx):
    Height: 56 inches
    Bust: 32 to 46 inches

  • $30.00$36.00
  • Wevez Long Sleeve V Neck Dress pack of 03 Pieces

    Style: Frill Printed Dress with Sleeves
    Category: Open V Neck Dresses
    Color: Random color
    Measurement (appx):
    Bust: 24 to 48 inches
    Height: 59 inches

    $33.00$42.00 21% off
  • Wevez Australia Knee Length Summer Dresses and Shorts

    Quantity: 03 pcs / 05 pcs
    Style: Boho Dress
    Color: Mix assorted colors available 4 colors
    Measurement (appx):
    Height: 35 inches
    Bust: 28 to 40 inches

    Category: Multi colour Dress

  • Pack of 03 Casual V Neck Beach Dresses Long Dress

    Style: V Neck Dresses
    Category: Halter / holter Dresses

    Colour: Mix Assorted Colours
    Measurement (Appx):
    Bust: 44 inches

    Height: 58 inches

  • Australian Fashion Boutique Short Dress for Ladies

    • Quantity: 03 pcs / 05 Pcs
    • Color: Random / Assorted Colors
    • Style: Melbourne boutiques Design
    • Measurement (appx.) Waist/Bust: 20 to 42 inches Height: 34 inches
    • Category: Boutique clothing
  • Wevez Elegant Women’s Sleeveless Dress – Pack of 3

    Style: Women Summer Fleet Halter Dress
    Quantity: 03 pcs
    Category: Women Dresses ;Color: Mix assorted colors
    Size Measure (Approx) ; Height 36″ inches : Bust 30″ inch stretch upto 40″ inches

    This fine dresses made from sari Fabric for women
    You can wear this dress as a summer dress, in office, or a vacation.
    Our all products are brand new and high quality.

  • Wevez Women’s Flare Asymmetric Sexy Dress -3 pcs Pack

    Category: sexy flare dress
    Style: asymmetric dress black

    Quantity: 03 Pcs 
    Color: Mix assorted colours
    Measurement (appx):
    Height: 41 inches
    Bust: 22 to 48 inches

  • Women Fashion Blush Short Dresses

    Style: Flare Dresses
    Quantity: 03 pcs / 05 pcs
    Category: Short Dresses

    Measurement (Appx):
     22 to 44 Inches

    Height: 36 Inches
    Colour: Mix assorted colours

  • Women Tie Dye Summer Casual Dress – 03 Pc Set

    Color: Mix assorted colors
    Category: Beach Casual Clothing

    Style : Tie Dye Casual Dress
    Quantity: 03 pcs
    Measurement (Appx):
    Bust: 44 inches
    Height: 48 inches

  • Wevez Ladies Party Wear Midi Flare Dress

    Quantity: 03 Pcs / 05 Pcs / 10 Pcs
    Colour: Mix assorted colours
    Category: Short Party Wear Dress
    Bust: 28 to 48 inches
    Height: 46 inches
    Style: Loose Flare Dress

  • Wevez Sleeveless Plain embroidered Casual Beach Mini Dress

    Style: Casual Rayon Dresses
    Category: Embroidered Dresses
    Color: Multiple options Available
    Measurement (appx):
    Bust: 30 to 44 inches
    Height: 43 inches

  • Women Off the shoulder Maxi Dresses

    Style: maternity work clothes
    long strapless dress
    Measurement (Appx):

    Bust: 24 inches stretchable upto 40 Inches
    Height: 47 inches excluding straps
    Quantity: 3 pcs / 5 pcs
    Color: Mix assorted colors

  • Casual Half Sleeve Pocket Dresses – Pack of 3

    Style: Dress with Pockets
    Category: Printed Dresses for Women
    Color: Random / Assorted
    Measurement (appx):
    Bust: 48 inches
    Height: 40 inches

  • Wevez Casual Wedding Guest Dresses – Pack of 03

    Style: Half Sleeve Dress
    Category: Wedding dresses
    Color: Choose from available options
    Measurement (Appx):
    Bust: 40 to 46 inches
    Height: 50 inches

  • Lady’s V Neck Casual Beach Dresses Set of 3 Pieces

    Quantity : 3 Dresses

    Style: Long Sleeveless Maxi Dress
    Category: Floral
    Summer Dress
    Feature: V-neck printed dresses
    Colour: Random Assorted
    Measurement (appx):
    Bust: 34 to 42 inches
    Height: 56 inches

  • Australian Casual Beach Party Tie Dye Dresses

    Measurement (appx):
    Length: 44 inches
    30 to 42 inches

     Pixie Dresses
    Category: Australian Tie Dye Dresses
    Color: Choose from Available options

  • Long V Neck Homecoming Halter Dress Pack

    Style: V Neck Dresses
    Category: Halter Dresses
    Measurement (appx):
    Bust: 45 inches
    Height: 47 inches

  • Summer Wear Sun Dress for Women

    Measure (Approx):
    Bust: 44 inches
    Height: 43 inches
    Style: Umbrella Dress
    Category: Summer Wear Collection

  • Wevez Pack of 03 Elegant Batwing Sleeve Kimono Long Dress

    Style: Kimono Dress
    Category: Printed Clothing
    Color: Random/Assorted
    Quantity: 03 Pcs
    Measurement (appx):
    Bust: 50 inches
    Height: 58 inches

  • Australian Floaty Cocktail Printed Dress – 3 Pack Set

    Style: Knee Length beach dresses
    Quantity: Pack of 03 Random Assorted dresses

    Category: Printed Dresses
    Measurement (appx):
    Bust: 42 inches
    Height: 36 inches

  • Wevez pack of Elegant Summer Dresses for Women

    Fabric: Silk Tie Dye
    Style: Resort style dresses
    Category: summer silk dresses
    Color: Mix assorted
    Measurement (appx)
    Bust: 28 inches to 54 inches
    Height: 48 inches

  • Wevez Printed Long Maxi Dresses for women Pack

    Style: Printed Dresses
    Category: Rayon Dresses
    Color: Mix assorted colors
    Quantity: 3 / 5

    Measurement (apx):

    Bust: 24 to 58 inches
    Height: 48 inches

  • Off Shoulder Latest Australia Maternity Long Dress – 3 Pack Set

    Style: Long Printed Dresses
    Category: Maternity Christmas Outfit
    Quantity: 03 Pcs
    Color: Random Assorted
    Measurement (appx):
    Height: 50 inches
    Bust: 42 inches

  • Wevez Women’s Slim Strap Embroidered Dress

    Style: slim strap on dress
    Category: Womens embroidered dress
    Colors: Red / Blue / Green / Turquoise

    Measurement (Appx):
    Bust: 30 to 45 Inches
    Height: 52 Inches

  • Women Designer Long Slip Dresses – Multicolor

    Style: Simple dresses for women
    multicolor dresses for women
    Measurement (Appx):

    Bust: 32 Inches to 45 inches
    Height: 52 Inches
    Quantity: 3 pcs / 5 pcs
    Color: Mix assorted colors

  • Women Short Homecoming Semi Formal Party Dresses

    Style: Hoco Dresses
    Knee length Short Dress
    Measurement (Appx):

    Bust: 44 Inches
    Height: 36 Inches
    Quantity: 3 pcs / 5 pcs
    Color: Mix assorted colors

  • Women’s Sleeveless Summer Beach Casual Mini/Short Dress – Pack of 03

    Category: Australian Short Dress
    Style: Casual Beach Clothing
    Quantity: Pack of 03

    Measurement (Appx):
    Bust: 30 to 45 Inches
    Height: 37 Inches

  • Wevez Women Sleeveless Summer Beach Cocktail Dress

    Measurement (Appx): Bust: 38 to 45 Inches; Height: 43 to 44 Inches

Sway your way through life with Wevez an online retailer of women clothing. A collection of fabulous dresses for women. Be it for your everyday wear or clubbing nights or for your beach chic looks, we have just the right selection of dresses for women to make the right statement.

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