• US$14.00 US$40.00
  • US$10.00 US$35.00
  • US$12.00 US$45.00
  • US$11.00 US$40.00
  • US$11.00 US$30.00
  • US$14.00 US$55.00
  • US$10.00 US$32.75
  • US$26.99 US$29.99
  • US$18.00 US$70.00
  • US$13.00 US$50.00
  • US$42.00
  • US$29.49 US$32.50
  • US$12.00 US$45.00
  • US$10.00 US$35.00
  • US$12.00 US$40.00
  • US$10.00 US$25.00
  • US$13.00 US$35.00
  • US$12.00 US$45.00
  • US$17.00 US$60.00
  • US$10.00 US$25.00
  • Wevez Plus size Women Summer Baggy Style Harem Pants

    Quantity: 03 pcs / 05 pcs
    Color: Mix Assorted
    Size Approx.: Height: 39 inches : Waist: 27 to 48 inches (stretchable)
    Category: Genie pants plus size
    Style: Baggy harem pants

    US$27.99 US$32.50
  • US$11.00 US$40.00
  • Wevez Traditional Art Sari Palazzo Pants

    Style: Wide Leg

    Colour: Mix assorted
    Category: Palazzo Pant
    Qty: 03 pcs/ 05 pcs
    Measurement Approx : Waist: 28 inches to 48 inches & Height: 39 inches


    US$24.00 US$38.00
  • Wevez Tribal Belly Dance Harem Pants for Women

    Color : Assorted Collection
    Fabric : 100% Fine Polyester.
    Pattern :Chiffon Polyester harem pants
    Category : Belly Dance Pant
    Quantity : Choose from Option
    Measurement (Approx) : Waist: 26-42 inches (stretchable elastic) & Length: 38-39 inches

    US$10.00 US$24.00
  • US$13.00 US$42.00
  • US$30.00
  • US$11.00 US$40.00
  • US$11.00 US$45.00
  • US$27.00
  • US$10.00 US$25.00
  • US$11.00 US$30.00
  • US$9.00 US$30.00

Plus Size Trouser Pants

Elevate your wardrobe with a fresh look through our stylish and latest collection of plus size trouser pants at Wevez, an online women’s clothing store. Designed and tailored by our experienced professionals, our collection offers a range of options at wholesale prices. Choose from various categories such as Plus Size tribal pants, harem pants, beach pants, maternity pants, and casual pants from our extensive collection of women’s pants/trousers.

  • Harem Pants
    Inspired by traditional Eastern fashion, our harem pants offer a flowy, loose fit with a drop-crotch style. Available in a variety of colors and patterns, these pants are suitable for both casual and dressy occasions.
  • Tribal Pants
    Make a statement with our tribal pants featuring bold, eye-catching patterns and prints. Available in wide-leg and tapered styles, you can select the perfect fit to suit your preference.
  • Loose Pants Collection
    Experience comfort and style with our loose pants collection. Featuring a relaxed fit with a tapered leg, these pants are versatile for various occasions, from running errands to brunch with friends.

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