• US$32.00
  • US$30.00
  • US$44.00
  • US$45.00
  • US$42.00 US$47.00
  • US$24.00 US$32.00
  • Australian Women Designer Asymmetric Silk Skirts -3 pc Pack

    Style: Silk skirts
    Color: Mix assorted colors ;
    Category: Diamond Cut style Skirts
    Quantity: 03 pc pack
    Measure (Approx.):  Waist: 24 to 56 inches & Height: 35 inches

  • US$42.00 US$47.00
  • US$31.00
  • US$42.00 US$47.00
  • US$39.00
  • US$28.00
  • US$9.00 US$35.00
  • US$48.00
  • US$32.00 US$50.00
  • US$30.00
  • Lot of 10 Pcs Indian Printed Reversible Art Silk Wrap Around Skirts

    Measurement (appx):
    Length: 36 inches;
    Waist: 47 inches waist

    Quantity: Pack of 10
    Category: Indian wrap around skirts
    Style: Indian print skirts
    Color: random and assorted colors / prints

  • US$42.00 US$47.00
  • Pack of 3 Pcs Long Cotton Wrap Around Skirts

    Feature: best for summer use at home
    Style: Jaipuri Block Print
    Measurement (Approx):
    Length: 38 inches

    Waist: 46 inches with extra loop to tie
    Color: Random Assorted skirts will be send
    Fabric: 100% Cotton Skirt
    Pack of 3 Hand Made Skirt
    Wash Instructions: Hand wash, Hang to Dry

  • Pack of Short Size Two Layer Reversible Wrap Around Art Skirts

    • Quantity: 03 pcs / 05 pcs / 10 pcs
    • Length: 24 inches; Waist: 47 inches + extra strings to tie
    • Made from art silk fabric
    • Prints and Colors: random assorted
    US$27.99 US$45.00
  • Pack of Wevez Magic Skirt Long Plus Size – 36XL

    Quantity: 3 pcs/ 5 pcs/ 10 pcs
    Colour: Mix assorted

    Measure (Approx):
    Height: 36″ inches
    Width: 60″ inches
    Category: plus size long wrap skirt
    Style: the magic skirt

    US$27.00 US$45.00
  • US$25.00 US$40.00
  • Pack of Wevez Women’s Leaf Skirts Australia

    Category: Summer Skirts Australia
    Style: Leaf Skirts
    Color: Assorted colour skirts
    Height: 24 inches height
    Waist: 48 inches waist + 24 inches loop
    Fabric: 80 % Silk + 20% Polyester/Cotton Fabric

    US$23.00 US$37.00
  • Pack of Women’s Tribal Style 7-Layer Frill Skirt

    Category: Tribal Style skirts
    Style: Long peasant Frill Skirts
    Measurement (approx.): Height: 36 inches & Waist: 26 – 48 inches (stretch)
    Color and Print: Random assorted
    Fabric: 80% Silk + 20% Viscos

    US$36.00 US$55.00
  • US$8.00 US$32.50
  • US$47.00
  • US$48.00
  • US$13.00 US$50.00
  • Rajasthani High Waisted Block Printed Cotton Wrap Skirts Pack

    Style: Cotton wrap skirts
    Quantity: 03 pcs / 05 pcs / 10 pcs
    Color: Mix assorted

    Category : Printed Wrap Skirts for Ladies

    Features & Measure (Approx):

    Waist: 46″ inches with extra strip to tie
    Length: 38″ inches
    Size : Long ;  Waist Size : Free size  ;   Fabric: 100% Cotton
    Pattern : Bagru Print/Printed ;  Style : Wrap/Sarong

    US$27.99 US$39.99
  • US$33.00
  • US$47.00
  • US$10.00 US$35.00

Plus size maxi skirt

Skirt is the epitome of feminine women’s fashion, and you can slay it out there by wearing one. We at Wevez provide you with a lot of different types of skirts to choose from, right from magic wrap skirt to casual skirts and sari skirts to tribal pattern skirts, you name it and we have got it covered for you.

Wevez collection of women’s skirts includes a wide range of styles, from 12 yard skirts and 25 yard skirts to sari skirts, maxi skirts, wrap skirts, plus size mini skirts, plus size long skirts, and polka dot skirts. Each of our skirts is crafted with care and attention to detail, using high-quality materials and thoughtful design elements to ensure comfort and style. Whether you’re dressing up for a formal event or looking for a comfortable everyday skirt, designer wrap around skirts we have options that are perfect for any occasion. Browse our collection today and find the perfect skirt to fit your style and needs.

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