Does Fashion Conceal or Reveal Your True Identity?

For many people, fashion is just a wardrobe full of all kinds of clothes and drawers flooding with makeup essentials. However, fashion is much more than it appears to be. Fashion is how you carry yourself even without wearing anything trendy. It is how you attempt to make yourself look flawlessly awesome even with no nude makeup. Fashion is about how you flatter others is decades of old-style statements. Fashion has plenty of dimensions. Whichever way you try to pick it up from all you get to see is positivity underneath it.

What fashion is?

Both men and women have been interested in seeking attention since forever. We all want to be noticed, right? Nobody likes playing the role of background music. Instead, everyone wants to make a difference with their presence. That is why we say that fashion helps you in revealing yourself. Fashion cares about your instincts and your mindsets. You are always free to tell others about yourself through how you dress up and makeup. Your way of carrying yourself to different events tells a lot about you. Surprisingly, people think that it is merely nonsense and nothing else. But truly speaking, notice the people around you and you will see how the frequency of their fashion syncs with their personality.

How does it work?

Fashion is all about expressing yourself in any way possible. The way you juggle different outfits to your workplace each day shows your efforts into your fashion interests. Similarly, the way people wear bland, plain and simple dresses with no energetic colours is considered boring and dull. Whereas people who wear bright colours with different combinations and exotic shades that bring life to other’s scenery are considered pretty cheerful. A person who jubilantly plays with the intricate details and makes himself appear not only trendy, but classy has an atmosphere of enigma around him.

The triumph being artistically genuine by wearing historical antiques or very impeccably designed unique jewellery has a spot of its own. We see that there are unlimited numbers of personalities we interact with each day. In our workplace, in educational institutes, in leisure clubs, in the sports complex and even on the way to the grocery store we meet hundreds of people. Each of them appears pretty different. No one exactly matches the other person. A beautiful girl across the road with an off-shoulder top and bright makeup would ring any man’s heart. The man considers him pretty welcoming even if that is not the case.

The other time you see a man and a lady in a grey pencil skirt with a starched shirt and a matching grey coat, her hair tied in a neat bun and a decent perfume making its way to your nostrils. What picture did you get? A lady working at an office reception or maybe handling a good rank at an office. You see a fresh-faced girl who might be a young adult running around in a dungaree, what would you perceive? Probably a university student or someone running to the grocery or get her car back from the mechanic.

This is how we daily filter people who work around us into different categories. We don’t realize but the fashion a person adopts reflects a lot about them. Hence, fashion reveals your true identity.   


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