Dress to Impress or Express?

This is a debate that can run for years. Many believe that they dress to impress whereas many believe they dress to express. A huge chunk of people believes in both instances. If we look closely, dressing is all about your comfort and style. You don’t have to put pressure over yourself to adjust to something you don’t like. Dressing brings ease, satisfaction, style and acceptance. All in one. The dressing has a huge interference in someone’s personality. If it were not about dressing there would be no classics, no trends, nothing. Since dressing gets to play a big part then why not give it the freedom to express?

The question still lingers in the air. Zeroing on the fact that dressing is all about expression. There, I said it! Well, isn’t it clear how every person dresses in one way or another to intentionally or intentionally express? Nobody is bound to a specific type of clothing. Yet everyone goes with their own unique style. We all dress so that our dressing can speak for us. Without even asking someone we at once come to know about them. How? Because they dress that way.


Moreover, as I said earlier, dressing is always wrapping comfort and style together. If your dressing doesn’t provide you with any of these two traits then the dressing has lost its purpose. If the current trend is to wear leather jackets with striped halter neck shirts and heels, would you go out in these to impress others even if you keep tripping in those heels while the jacket hugs you mercilessly? When you are not comfortable in a dress your behavior speaks about it. You not only appear uneasy but also uninterested. You only wish to rip it off and dump it into a dust bin. Isn’t it? But when you dress in something you like, something which makes you feel loved and cared then the confidence on your face and the strength in your behavior clearly reflects it. Thus, in order to impress someone you first need to be very comfortable in that dress. If not, then impressing others only to look up-to-date is useless.


If we look on the other side which the favorable side, we do dress to express. Our way of dressing tells the other person a lot. From our jobs, our pay scale, our friend circle, our interests and also our thoughts and beliefs as well as our religion. It delivers truckloads of information to the viewer. The quality of fabric someone wears tells us about the class they belong to. The designs, be it street style, gothic, funky or abstract tells us about their way of living. I don’t believe in stereotyping but being realistic, you won’t see a banker who works with calculations all day, all night in ripped pieces of denim. You won’t see a religious person roaming in miniskirts or stockings. You won’t see a lively artist in gothic gowns. Even criminals have a specific sense of dressing which differentiates them from modest people. That is why these days criminals dress with modesty to drift away from any doubts.

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