Fashion medley – something or one thing for everyone?

The most auspicious part about fashion which I can shout loud on speakers is that it does not follow the rule of ‘one formula fits all’. No. Fashion is about the diversity of trends. Go out on a walk or take a subway you see people carrying themselves in a unique way. Their fashion sense reflecting a lot about them helps us zero on one eternal fact: Fashion isn’t the same thing for everyone. Each individual adopts his or her own style. The confidence that fashion gives them is astounding. Luckily, we have managed to survive in a world where at least trends and fashion are not imposed on anyone.


That is the classiest trait of the fashion industry. It has ample opportunities for everyone. There is no single individual who can claim that there is nothing for him. Rows of dressing ideas and columns filled with cluttering combinations, contrasts, matching and much more are always available. Fashion is not destined to follow on a particular path. This beautifies the existence of fashion. Around the globe, billions of people from thousands of nations live. Each one of them, no matter how alike, has their own fashion line. Fashion talks about diversity, variety, dimensions, diffusion of comfort and style around the globe.

Fashion has provided an opportunity for everyone to cherish their beauty. Everyone has the right to celebrate and enjoy the kind of figure and physique they have. Fashion is not about pulling a branded dress with makeup coming straight from a branded palette. Fashion is much more. It is about the relishing the glory of your skin tone, your body shape and your dressing sense. Fashion is about that warm smile you give yourself when you standing in front of the mirror and gaze at yourself for being so beautiful.

Fashion doesn’t believe in binding you to the norms of social pressure. In fact, fashion has nothing to do with that kind of pressure. It is the relief you get when you choose an outfit, put on some makeup and linger over your footwear to go with the dress. For some, your outfit might be too bold, for others it might be too bland, but for you it is just perfect and that is what actually accounts.


One trend is for one person. What about the remaining people? For them the trend and fashion vary slightly. They pick up a trend and alter it according to their taste. Fashion has something for everyone. It doesn’t abandon anyone. Everyone gets to pamper himself the way the want to. At one time, someone might wear a bright floral sleeveless gown to brunch and at the same time someone else might wear a white laced mini dress. Both are okay! At least both are in their best forms celebrating and adoring themselves.

Hence, fashion has something for everyone. Fashion is a chest that holds jewels for everyone!

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