Flaunt your Elegance Uniquely with Crop Top

Over all these years, fashion senses have reached several new horizons. Women now have a whole lot of new elements to add up to their closet. Well, it is quite important to catch up with the prevailing latest trends to shine out bright among the crowd. Who may be a woman and not want to flaunt the most adorable features of here existence? Among all other accessories and dresses that had been in vogue, tops could probably be the best usable to exhibit your excellent dressing taste.

Apart from being a good undershirt, tops can be allured in tons of different ways to represents the versatility of your physique. No matter if you’re striving for a casual or a heavy dressed up look, a top could meet it all adding the perfect sizzle of simplicity to the entire appearance.

Interestingly different ways to wear a top

You may surely be using Crop tops underneath most of your short or uncomfortable dresses. However, to appear different and make the best out of it, you need to think smarter, out-of the box, practical and use your great dressing preferences.

Make it the center of attraction

Short Crop Top with Jeans

To showcase its actual beauty, you need to stop hiding your tanks top under other dresses. Pairing it with your favourite pair of leggings, skirts or jeans, keeping it a major dress-up element could help you present it differently than it is “supposed” to be. Prefer extra long crop tops for this purpose, you may also try to tuck-in those. Also, do not miss out accessorising well along.

Along your favourite button up shirt

While a crop top generally adds simplicity to your appearance, incorporating it underneath a flannel or chambray shirt could get you the street-look. The advantages of a button-up shirt are also too many since you can wear it in hundreds of different ways. You can play around with several different styles; leaving it unbuttoned, tying it around your waist, button it up halfway or completely.

With a jacket or blazer

Crop tops are not mere summer staples; you can also present yourself perfectly with them even during winters. All you need is a good going jacket or blazer that could give it an elegant look. You may leave it un-tucked and pair it along a bomber jacket for an edgy look.

Bring in a scarf

When it’s cold outside, adding a scarf to your puff top could be the most preferable style. Depending on your choices, adding a long or short scarf to your simple puff top can bring in instant glamour to the overall appearance.

Get a Boho chic look with a maxi skirt

You can mix up your simple puff top with an oversized cardi or maxi skirt. Prefer to tuck-in the extra long puff top into your beautiful flowy skirt. The added skirt will give a feminine appearance along with the overall simplicity. A pair of strappy sandals or flats would be perfect to complete the look.

Crop Top with Maxi Skirt

Find the most suitable puff top from the collection; flaunt the best you hold within.

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