Formals vs the Casuals. What women wear, When and Why

Which was the last event that you attended pre COVID? Most probably a party or some friend’s birthday. And what did you wear in the event? Was it a formal suit? A skirt or something casual? Or a sober simple maxi? Yeah, who wear formals to a party, right? Exactly my point.

Most of the events we attend nowadays (with nowadays I mean the days before COVID-19), are casual in feel and thus we choose casuals over formals. This is not done with any compromises but without us knowing that.

Here, in this blog today, let us explore the fashion world and where formals and casuals stand with eyes each before the COVID and after the COVID scenarios.

The trend in casual dressing among women

There are no doubt more casual events than the formals ones such as funerals and marriage celebration. Marriage celebrations are a common ground for both formal and casual dresses. House parties, birthday celebrations, house-warming parties, family get-togethers, etc. are the reign of casual and modern dresses. Makis with a slit and skirts with a micro prefix have replaced simpler alternatives in the same domain.

The big take about casual dresses is that not only they are fashionable and go with the latest trend but also, they are super comfortable, and most of the times you can design your own modern casual dress at home with your old clothes. Whether it be pyjamas or wedding gowns, each type of outfit has acquired a new and more spicy look. That’s the definition of casual today, that is, both before COVID and at present.

The basic building blocks of all types of clothing separately

PJs and Pants

You can wear them with almost anything such as a Kurti, a maxi, tops, overcoat, shirts, t-shirts, simple plain blouses, and everything else available there in the market. You must notice the trend and excessive use of pyjamas among women which means if you keep a good collection in your B2B wholesale stock, then you can easily sell your items with a great profit. Pyjamas are also in trend as a house-wear now due to the lockdown.

Wrap skirts

Wrap skirts are stealing the show and are in trend. The reasons being: –

  1. Super comfortable
  2. Easy to DIY
  3. Cheap to buy
  4. Innumerable shapes, styles and designs
  5. Completely bias-free
  6. Goes with all other clothing parts
  7. Footwear of all kind suited


Skirts are the main course in women fashion these days. Although women may be found wearing stockings with skirts now to cover their body as it is the COVID but that is normal and was in fashion before Corona as well. Skirts symbolise versatility because you can pair them with any type of top, accessory and shoes.

The trend in formal dressing among women

It is beyond any doubt that formal clothes reflect another level of sophistication and manner. You look both decent and gorgeous at the same time. Before the virus, the ethnic formals and the general clothes such as midis, maxis and gowns were on a fire and the life of every wedding celebration. But as the virus spread and weddings cease to a limited number of guests, people are either not opting formals much because of the comparatively higher costs than casual clothes. Also, when the time you stay at any celebration amidst the Coronavirus limitation is short, it is easier to slip up casuals than to literally design formals on your body and then burn your brain to carry them. Some of the modern versions of formals are as below.


A midi dress can help you style exactly the way you would like yourself to look, and that too without any compromises. It is an all-in-one package of comfort, style, free-choice, versatility, pocket-friendliness, fashion, fit-for-all, modern-ness and trend. Wearing a midi dress not only makes your life easy and you confident but is sure to turn some eyes. A midi dress is a perfect choice for a woman, whether a housewife or a job holder.


Maxis, long evening dresses or gowns have been the clothing for the rich, civilised and royals for centuries and continuing up till now. From sexy to sober, from multi-dyes to solid and plain, gowns come in an innumerable variety. Whether you are a young office lady or in the experienced middle ages or even if you are a teenager, gowns suit you all.

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The formals and casuals have mixed up so much that it has become very difficult to mark the difference. Both are an integral part of our dressing world and one complements the other. I this blog I tried to talk to you the trends and choices of women related to casual and formal dressing but do not intend it to be a one better than the other type. Choice and personal liking plays a very important role in clothing and fashion. Wear what suits you and in what you are comfortable. Happy clothing!

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