OOTD – Outfit of the day.

With tons of images of outfits, brands, fancy faces and bloggers in precise edited presets all over the internet, this phenomenon of OOTD is not something new. So, OOTD is nothing but what you are wearing on that day. You just flaunt it and show your confidence wearing it on that day.

The Social Spread

OOTD has become a frequently used hashtag by millions of users on social media platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. Thus, the major credit of OOTD turning into a phenomenon can be given to fashion bloggers on the internet. Fashion influencers/bloggers with followers counting in millions sharing their everyday outfits for the public to see, comment and mostly adapt. OOTD when not global was just a way to share your everyday outfits with your friends and followers for fun, mostly in the West. With social media becoming a humongous marketing platform and trendsetter, OOTD has taken a new form. It was never narrowed down to any specific kind of outfit or set of clothing. The scope was vast and still is.

But in recent times, there has been set a standard OOTD vision. Mostly, it includes a top from Zara or Forever 21 or Shein along with artistic or elegant bottoms from American Eagle and bags matching the outfit from Gucci or LV. One might feel that standard sets are irrefutable. But, many fashion bloggers and models are breaking the stereotypes and always experimenting with new elements. Take it from Galliano-

“The joy of dressing is an art.”

John Galliano

Instagram alone credits for millions of posts with #OOTD which includes everyone from the girl next door to Hollywood celebrities. OOTD is a perfect example of how internet and social media has created a community which set standards, break them, sets new, innovate, create, share and won’t stop.

OOTD in the Bizz World

If dressing is an art, then a huge number of celebrities around the globe are relishing it. The Kardashian-Jenner, Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, Lady Gaga and many more American models are into it. Also, all the fashion enthusiasts round the globe are creating and innovating their outfits, challenging the ordinary and standing out.

Major Dress Trends in OOTD

Some latest trends of the OOTD include – no make, or the light everyday make up look, Boho looks, Indo-western, summer clothing, minimalistic styles, etc. YouTubers are creating content like vlogs emphasizing on body positivity and make-up less natural looks. They share their everyday experiences and OOTD for their audience through their work.

Social Media Branding OOTD

Branding and advertising is another aspect to OOTD. Social media has proved to be a great marketing platform. Therefore, brands and companies pay celebrities and popular fashion influencers to promote their brands. The popularity of a brand lies in the hands of its reach and imprints on the social media. So, brands use celebrities with large public reach to promote their products/outfits as OOTD. They induce in collaborations with fashion bloggers to flaunt their outfits on a regular basis.

Therefore, OOTD was a way invented by young fashion rebels/influencers and followers as well to express their views through their outfits and fashion on everyday basis with a huge audience on the vast internet.

Gradually, it is turning into its commercial phase.

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