Lot of 3 Art Silk Reversible Indian Short Magic Skirts (Choice Available)

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Style: Short Magic Skirts
Feature: Reversible silk skirts from India
Length: 24 inches

Waist: 47 inches
Color / Print: select from available skirts pack
Quantity: 3 short skirts

  • W241 (Pack of 3 Skirts)
  • W242 (Pack of 3 Skirts)
  • W243 (Pack of 3 Skirts)
  • W244 (Pack of 3 Skirts)
  • W245 (Pack of 3 Skirts)
  • W246 (Pack of 3 Skirts)
  • W247 (Pack of 3 Skirts)
  • W248 (Pack of 3 Skirts)
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Customer Reviews

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Elisabeth G
Beautiful except for one of the motifs

I ordered the pack W244. These skirts are lovely for hot summer days. The green skirt was just stunning, and more beautiful that in the picture. The colors of the pink and blue skirt matched the photo. The middle skirt, which appeared red and orange, was actually pink and orange. This would have been ok except that the print on the pink fabric includes a right facing swastika motif which is not visible on the photo. I understand that the swastika is a symbol of good luck and prosperity in Hindu and Buddhist countries. However, due to the strong association with Nazism and antisemitism, I will not wear clothing with a swastika motif. I wish I could return the skirt, but the cost of shipping is more than the value of the skirt.

Cheyenne Camara-Turner

these are gorgeous

Donna Hart
Sari skits

I love these skirts! They are well made and have minimal flaws for being recycled materials. I love the colors and patterns. I will definitely order more when I find room in my closet! I already have 20. I have ordered from other companies, but Wevez is by far the best!

Leah G
Great value

These skirts are beautiful and are extremely well priced. I've only traded a few that I didn't like, and I had no holes, stains, or other problems.


Wevez Wholesale Lot of 5 Art Silk Reversible Indian Wrap Magic Skirts

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