Wevez Women beach cover ups pareo-10Pcs


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Quantity: 10Pcs

Color: Mix Assorted
Measure (approx): 74″x41″  inches
Category: Beach Wear
Product Description: These sarongs wear as beach wear.
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Customer Reviews

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Cynthia D.

My 1st disappointment was when I opened the package and saw that out of a package of 10, they were all doubles of only 5 colors. Not sure what I'll do with half of them, but I guess you could always give them away.

Secondly, they bleed in the wash. No biggie... but definitely seperate the purples, blacks and burgundy from your lighter greens!

They are easy to wear since they're made of thin, giving fabric. It's exactly what I needed to throw on over my bra and panties so I'm not walking around the house almost naked.

They were an ok purchase. They do what is needed.... just nothing especially beautiful like you normally find from wevez. I wouldn't buy more, but will definitely be using what I have.

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