Recycled Sari Skirts: A Viable Fashion Statement

What are Sari Skirts?

A Sari Skirt is a piece of clothing that is designed from another garment called a sari. A sari is a traditional garment originated from India.  A sari skirt is a multiple layer dress. The skirt is designed by adding two or three semi – circular cloth or fabric together. The fabric usually preferred for designing this piece of garment is light weighted cotton and silk, georgette and quality drape. The main garment that is the sari is quite large and long in length and is sufficient to make a good sari skirt. The chief cloth that is sari comes in various prints and designs. The pattern or designs totally depends on the designer or the client. One can get this trending garment at any online store or website or at an offsite shop or boutique.

The sari skirts are available in every length that is long length, short length and midi. The skirt can be going up to multiple number of layers as much as the designer wants it to be. The more the layer the more the flair and puffiness of the skirt. As the layer adds to the bulkiness of the skirt.

What are Recycled Sari Skirts?

Now one might wonder how exactly the process of designing this skirt starts. As mentioned above the main raw material is sari. A sari that is already made and stitched. So that is why the skirt is called an ecological or viable way to style and fashion us. To avoid cloth and resources waste, the sarees are recycled and used in the process of designing this outstanding and stylish garment.

Store 333 stages a viable way to the future of fashion. The design of the garment is added by the beautiful and vintage sarees. The sarees are recycled in a way to preserve the color and fabric of the garment and cleaned thoroughly to avoid any issue. The sarees are especially picked by experts and professionals of Store 333 from India. All the sarees used to design the product are chosen and handpicked from India, as it’s the main clothing of the people in the country.

Store 333 believes in maintaining the essence of the cloth and hence choses sarees made of pure silk and other premium quality fabric only to transform them in to the trend setting skirts. The color and patterns of the sari adds to the design of the skirt. One can make any type of skirt with the recycled garment, like a flair skirt, slit skirt, wrap around skirt, kaftan skirts and even summer dresses.

Why are recycled sari skirts in trend?

Apart from the gorgeous end result one gets, there are other benefits and reason for this successful unique trend. The skirts are quite the vibes or summer and an excellent definition of fashion. Store 333 implemented and went through with this apparel line majorly because it provides and creates employment to the greater population, as the handpicking and recycling job requires manpower. The skirts are handmade by trained tailors again aiding to employment creation.  Secondly it preserves the nature and its resources from getting fruitless. So, don’t make your wardrobe miss out on this trend and get this skirt and make fashion statement for a better future.


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