Size confidence is the new fashion! Reclaim body positivity now!

Being a girl, a lady, a woman is full of beautiful choices you get to choose how you want to live and with whom you want to live it. You get to choose who matters to you and who doesn’t; what makes you comfy and what disgusts you. You have authority over your thoughts and you have authority over thinking, rethinking and overthinking about others’ opinions about you or throw them into the trash before they disturb you. Al in all, you are your boss and nobody has the audacity to describe you with respect to your shape, size, race, complexion, physique or clothing.

Still people do it!

Yes, still people do it and do it shamelessly. They have trivialized the matter of body shaming. They think that it buys them a lot of attention and they are supposed to be flooded with attention. Instead of normalizing the concept of anybody shape, be it thin or thick, we are successfully spreading the virus of body shaming without giving the repercussions a second thought. You didn’t initiate the problem. They initiated it.

Who are they?

They are the people who have to believe that luck is on their side as God spent so much time in making them picture perfect by gifting them a body like a Greek goddess. They believe having flawless skin with ideal waist, bust and hip size and no body fat makes them buy the charm they deserve.

This is us who have redefined the norms. If you think that not having an athletic body is bringing you shame then throw this misconception out the nearest window. No matter what body shape you have, no matter how much you weigh, no matter how much your bottoms are wide and your shoulders are wide and heavy, you can be everything that a woman with an hourglass figure be. It is the potential in you that does the most work. Even with the size, shape and weight, you can look flawless and flatter everyone around you.

How to look gorgeous and defeat the negatives?

First things first; never let others comments and your overthinking about your figure engulf you. Whatever you wear and where ever you go make sure your confidence is the first thing people see. Celebrate your curves. Show off your body in the outfits you wear. Choose outfits with eye-catching colors and designs and make sure the size matches yours. Go for everything which would make you look comfortable and stylish. From chiffon, organza to denim and flannel you can wear everything as long you are comfortable in it.

Your wardrobe should be full of every article you wish for!

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