• US$18.00 US$75.00
  • Digital Printed Beach Loose Casual Mini Short Dress – 3 Piece Set

    Measurement (Appx):
    Bust: 48 inches
    Height: 36 inches
    Fabric: Italian Crepe
    Color: Random / Assorted Colors / Prints

    Style – Short Loose Dress

    Category : Casual Loose Print Short Dress

  • US$11.00 US$40.00

    Summer Wear Sun Dress for Women

    US$11.00 US$40.00
  • Wevez Full Sleeve Flared Maxi Corset Dress – Pack of 03

    Style: Corset Dress
    Violet / Blue / Green / Red / Turquoise
    Category: Dresses with Sleeves
    Measurement (Appx):
    Bust: 38 inches
    Height: 52 inches
    Weight of Single Dress: 620 grams

  • Wevez Pack of 03 Beach Flowy Party Dresses

    Category: Patch Dresses
    Style: Straight Across Neck Dresses
    Measure (Approx.): Bust: 26-58 inches (stretchable elastic) & Height: 42 Inches

  • US$36.00
  • US$225.00
  • Wevez Rayon Ladies Dress Without Sleeves Pack

    Measurement (appx):
    Bust: 48 inches
    Height: 44 inches

    US$27.00 US$40.00
  • Wevez Trendy Cool Flower Embroidery Women Dress Pack of 3

    Measurement (Appx): Bust: 30 to 44 Inches; Height: 49 Inches
    Style: flower embroidery dress
    Category: Long Dresses
    Quantity: pack of 3 assorted colors

  • Wevez Wide Straps Flared Evening Maxi Dresses pack of 03

    Style: Evening Dress
    Measurement (appx):
    Bust: 40 inches Height: 55 inches
    Color: Choose from Available options

  • US$225.00
  • Wevez Women Sleeveless Summer Beach Cocktail Dress

    Measurement (Appx): Bust: 38 to 45 Inches; Height: 43 to 44 Inches

  • Wevez Women’s Embroidery Summer Rayon Dresses

    Category: Rayon summer dress
    Style: Embroidered rayon dress
    Measurement (appx): Bust: 48 inches Height: 44 inches &
    Fabric: Rayon Fabric
    Color: You will get assorted color dress
    Quantity: Choose from options

    US$27.00 US$40.00
  • US$600.00
  • US$400.00
  • Women Spring Lace Dresses Set of 3 Piece

    Sleeve: Puff style Short sleeve
    Category: long dresses
    Style: Spring Dresses
    Feature: made from organic cotton
    Quantity: 3 Pcs

    Measure (Approx)
    Bust: 42 inches to 46 inches (stretchable)
    Height: 52 inches

  • Womens Bohemian Clothing Printed Dresses Pack of 03

    Quantity: 3 Pcs
    Color / Prints: Random Assorted
    Measure (Approx.): SkirtWaist: 25 to 52 inches & Height: 41 inches
    TopBust: 28-50 inches & Height: 13 inches
    Sleeve: Puff style
    Category: Top + Skirt set
    Style: Bohemian fashions
    Feature: printed comfy clothes


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