• Lady’s Long Full Woman Casual Beach Dresses, Pack of 3

    Quantity : 3 Dresses

    Style: Sleeveless Dress
    Summer Dress
    Feature: V-neck printed dresses
    Colour: Random Assorted
    Measurement (appx):
    Bust: 34 to 42 inches
    Height: 56 inches

  • Off Shoulder Dress with Frills

    Style: Frill dresses for women
    Fashionable workwear
    Measurement (Appx):

    Bust: Inches
    Height:  Inches
    Quantity: 3 pcs / 5 pcs
    Color: Mix assorted colors

  • Pack of 03 Casual V Neck Beach Dresses Long Dress

    Style: V Neck Dresses
    Category: Halter / holter Dresses

    Colour: Mix Assorted Colours
    Measurement (Appx):
    Bust: 44 inches

    Height: 58 inches

  • Pack of 03 Wevez Long Printed Ladies Maxi Day Dress

    Style: Printed Dresses
    Category: Long Dress
    Color: Random Assorted
    Measurement (appx):
    Height: 53 inches
    Bust: 41 inches
    Sleeve: 15 inches

  • Pack of 03 Wevez Maternity Evening Halter Printed Dresses

    Style: Halter Dresses
    Category: Maternity Dress
    Color: Mix Assorted Prints and colors
    Measurement (appx):
    Height: 56 inches
    Bust: 32 to 46 inches

  • Printed Australian Women’s Dresses – Pack of 03

    Style: Knee Length beach dresses
    Quantity: Pack of 03 Random Assorted dresses

    Category: Printed Dresses
    Measurement (appx):
    Bust: 42 inches
    Height: 36 inches

  • Wevez Pack of 03 Beach Cover Ups Gown / Dress

    Style: Wrap Coverup Dress
    Category: Printed Clothing
    Color: Mix Assorted Prints and colours
    Measurement (appx):
    Bust: 48 inches
    Height: 40 inches
    Sleeve: Mix sleeve size

  • $28.00
  • Wevez Pack of 03 Elegant Batwing Sleeve Kimono Long Dress

    Style: Kimono Dress
    Category: Printed Clothing
    Color: Random/Assorted
    Quantity: 03 Pcs
    Measurement (appx):
    Bust: 50 inches
    Height: 58 inches

  • Wevez Pack of 03 Frill V-Neck Sleeve Dresses

    Style: Frill Dress with Sleeves
    Category: Long Maxi Dresses
    Color: Random color
    Measurement (appx):
    Bust: 24 to 48 inches
    Height: 59 inches

  • Wevez Pack of 03 Half Sleeves Dresses with Pockets

    Style: Dress with Pockets
    Category: Printed Dresses for Women
    Color: Random / Assorted
    Measurement (appx):
    Bust: 48 inches
    Height: 40 inches

  • $36.00
  • Wevez Pack of 03 Resort Casual Dress

    Style: Poncho Style Coverups
    Category: Casual Dresses
    Color: Assorted colour and prints
    Measurement (appx):
    Bust: 58 inches
    Height: 34 inches


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