sari skirts

  • Lot of 10 Pcs Indian Printed Reversible Art Silk Wrap Around Skirts

    Measurement (appx):
    Length: 36 inches;
    Waist: 47 inches waist

    Quantity: Pack of 10
    Category: Indian wrap around skirts
    Style: Indian print skirts
    Color: random and assorted colors / prints

  • Pack of 03 Long Vintage Wrap Plus Size Sari Skirts (Choice Available)

    Category: Plus size skirts
    Style: sari silk wrap skirt
    Feature: Wrap skirt
    Pack of 3 Plus Size Skirts
    Color: You can choose a pack from available options
    Measure (Approx): Height: 36 inches Width: 60 inches

    US$22.00 US$32.00
  • Pack of 03 Women’s Long Indian Wrap Sari Skirt (Choice Available)

    Category: Indian wrap skirt
    Style: women’s long wrap skirts
    Measurement (appx): Long Skirts: 36 inch length
    47 inches waist (open)
    Color / print: You can choose from available packs
    Quantity: 3 skirts
    Washing Instruction: Gentle Hand Wash

    US$18.00 US$28.00
  • Pack of 03 Women’s Printed Midi Length Plus Size Sari Wrap Skirt (Choice Available)

    Category: womens wrap skirt
    Plus size midi skirt length
    Measurement (appx):

    Height: 30 Inches
    Waist (Open): 60 Inches
    Color and prints: You can choose pack from available options
    Washing Instruction: Gentle Hand Wash or Dry Clean

    US$18.00 US$28.00
  • Pack of 03 Women’s Reversible Sari Skirts (Choice Available)

    Category: mini skirts for women
    Style: mini wrap skirts

    Measurement (appx):
    Length: 20 inches
    Waist (Open): 46 Inches
    Washing Instruction: Gentle Hand Wash or Dry Clean
    Note: You can choose from available packs available.

    US$18.00 US$25.00
  • Pack of 3 Below Knee Reversible Recycled Sari Skirts (Choice)

    Category:midi skirt for women
    Style:silk sari skirt
    Color / Print:
    You can choose from available packs
    Quantity: pack of 3 pcs
    Length: 30 inches (Midi)
    Waist: 47 inches + extra strings to tie

    US$20.00 US$30.00
  • Pack of Short Size Two Layer Reversible Wrap Around Art Skirts

    • Quantity: 03 pcs / 05 pcs / 10 pcs
    • Length: 24 inches; Waist: 47 inches + extra strings to tie
    • Made from art silk fabric
    • Prints and Colors: random assorted
    US$27.99 US$45.00
  • US$25.00 US$40.00
  • Pack of Wevez Women’s Leaf Skirts Australia

    Category: Summer Skirts Australia
    Style: Leaf Skirts
    Color: Assorted colour skirts
    Height: 24 inches height
    Waist: 48 inches waist + 24 inches loop
    Fabric: 80 % Silk + 20% Polyester/Cotton Fabric

    US$23.00 US$37.00
  • Two Layer Magic Silk Wrap Around Skirt / Dress for Women

    Measurement (Approx.): Length: 36 inches Waist: 47 inches extra strings to tie
    Category: wrap around skirts and dresses
    Style: Double wrap skirt
    Color & Design : As given in Image

    US$24.00 US$35.00
  • Two Layer Printed Wrap Around Skirts (8 Options) – 3 pc Set

    Measurement (appx):
    Micro Mini Size: Height: 16 Inches, Waist: 47 inches (open);
    Mini Size: Height: 20 Inches, Waist: 47 inches (open);
    Small Size: Height: 24 Inches, Waist: 47 inches (open);
    Small Plus Size: Height: 24 Inches, Waist: 58 inches (open);
    Medium Size: Height: 30 Inches, Waist: 47 inches (open);
    Medium Plus Size: Height: 30 Inches, Waist: 48 inches (open);
    Long Size: Height: 36 Inches, Waist: 47 inches (open);
    Plus Size: Height: 36 Inches, Waist: 58 inches (open)

    US$25.99 US$32.99
  • Wevez Women’s Beachwear Sari Skirt, Mini Length, Assorted

    • Quantity: 03 pcs / 05 pcs
    • Made from Vintage Saries
    • Can be worn in multiple ways
    • You will get RANDOM/ASSORTED colour/print
    • Measure (Approx): Height: 20 inches Width: 47 inches
    US$25.00 US$37.00
  • Wevez® Women’s Short Art Silk Sari Wrap Reversible Skirt

    Short size Skirts (20 inches height)
    Waist: 47 inches
    Quantity: Pack of 3
    Feature: Can be wear in multiple ways
    Color: You will get assorted color / print
    Note: With every order, you will get free printed instructions showing some different style to wear skirts

  • Women Silk Sari Skirts Medium Length – Pack of 03 Pc

    Style : Below the knee skirts
    Fabric :Silk Skirts
    Pattern :Wrap reversible skirt
    Category :Multiwear skirts (can be wear as skirt, top, dress) Made from Reversible Saree
    Quantity :03 Pc Pack
    Color : Assorted Collection
    Measurement (Approx.) : Height: 30 inches Waist (Open): 47 inches

  • Women’s Diamond Cut Skirts with Medium Length Assorted

    • Style: Pixie Bottom Style
    • Feature: Wrap Around
    • Fabric: 80% silk + 20% Polyester/cotton fabric
    • Quantity: 03 pcs / 05 pcs 
    • Colour: Mix Assorted colour skirts
    • Measurement (appx): 30 inches height, 46 inches waist + 23 inches loop
    US$27.00 US$45.00
  • Women’s Plus Size Sari Magic Skirt – Pack of 50 pc

    Category: beach cover dress / skirts
    plus size beach skirt
    Quantity: Pack of 50 skirts
    Measure (Approx):
    Height: 36 inches Waist: 62 inches
    Colour: Random Print/Color will be shipped
    Note: Please expect minor flaws as these skirts are made from Vintage Fabric.


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