The big overhaul – how to remain yourself while trying to keep up with the fashion?

Fashion and personality go hand I hand. But this doesn’t mean that you can never try out something which is not synonymous to your personality. We often get tired of repeating the same fashion again and again. There comes a point in our life where we want to bring some change. You can always bring a change in your wardrobe. Your style depends on you and you can opt whatever you want. There is no restriction to bind yourself in one specific pattern. Since fashion knows no boundaries hence, you should enjoy the freedom as well!

People often think that if they start following a new trend or fashion they might lose themselves amidst all the temptation. However, that is not true. It is only a part of bringing yourself close to the innovatively-knit fashion trends. In the beginning, people do feel hesitant but once they enter into the refreshing world of fashion then there is no way out. You can’t lose your personality if you stick to it and then imply the fashion you think you should try. Sounds good? Let’s see what we can do to give you ease in this matter.

Choose trends which are closest to your personality

Start by taking baby steps and gradually you will be there soon. Trends keep coming and going every now and then. You sleep with one trend and wake up to a new one. Sometimes, multiple trends are being run simultaneously. All you can do is adopt the one which you think is the closest to you. Make some amendments and additions in your wardrobe. Fetch some new kind of makeup. Buy the footwear which would go with those dresses. Then step out from your comfort zone and shine. This will buy your confidence. Don’t forget to humbly acknowledge the attention and appreciation you receive.

Customise according to your personality

If a trend doesn’t go with your personality, you can imply it on a lighter note. Some trends are too bold for us. For some, they are too light or bland. If you think a trend is too out-of-league for your taste and style and even then if you are desperate to try them out then try them on lighter notes. Wear them to small gatherings, to the park, or grocery shopping or simple events. This way you won’t get too much attention which might scare you off.

You don’t have to adopt each and every fashion

We practice the trends we think we can carry them well. There is no need to feel pressurized by anyone upon trying something which would make you super uncomfortable. Always put on something that brings you satisfaction. Stand in front of the mirror and appreciate the little effort you do for yourself. Even when you try a new fashion trend, be it makeup or dress-up, stand in front of the mirror and see if the reflection is worth the hype or not.

You can always enjoy every fashion trend without losing yourself in it. In the end, it is your comfort zone waiting for you.  

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