This Exclusive Indian Skirt had to be in your Wardrobe

This Indian designed skirt exclusively from Jaipur is a look which combines the authenticity of Indian look with the touch of fashion. This timeless skirt, manage to belong to your wardrobe for many years. It can be a part of your look as it will never go out of style. From the retro-times, it is being in fashion and will be in trend for many years.

This exclusive skirt comes with a tribal look and gives a Jaipurian touch which you can buy from Wevez.

This skirt can be styled with the latest trending tees or cold shoulder crop tops which will look amazing with a 38-inch long skirt. You can wear this look not only in your 9-5 job, but outside work as well.

The skirts have evolved over the years and never go out of trend. This classic style is a perfect example of something to carry in work or outside work. You can wear this look with lots of other looks and create multiple outfits which will never fade.

Have a look at this amazing multi-coloured Indian touch skirt which you can wear with various alternative patterns. Here are the ways in which you can style the skirt for work and for other occasions.

1. With a blouse

If you also find it really hard to choose what to wear at work, take out that skirt and combine it with any blouse. This would give you a feminine look for work and wherever you are going. As the skirt is with little work, pair it with a simple bright colour blouse also if the skirt is neutral. Don’t forget to carry an elegant heel with the look and you are all set to grab the eyes of fashionistas in your office.

2. With a Blazer

Planning for a meeting? Don’t know what to wear? Pair your Jaipuria skirt with a blazer to get a feminine as well as a professional look. You can wear any of the blazers and can choose any of the plain tees underneath which can be a matching or contrast.

P.S: I was not a big fan of this look either, but once I carried it, I fall in love with it.

3. With a Kurta

Kurta with a skirt can be a really elegant look. Whether you are going to the office or your friend’s Mehandi, wear a bright colour Kurta with this skirt. Also, try to wear a plain one as the skirt would work on its simplicity with its boldness. You can also try a loose kurta styled in a body shape look with a belt or something like that. This will get you an elegant look and you will fall in love with yourself all over again.

4. With a loose shirt

A plain white coloured shirt is something which is a need of every girl’s wardrobe. You can pair up this Jaipurian skirt with a loose shirt (try to choose a light shade) and you can tuck in it under your skirt to get an amazing look. The shirt must have a collar, and carry a junk over the shirt to compliment your look. Carry a pair of heels with your look and you will get an astonishing look in no time.

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