Trend vs Class – what gets more Attention?

C for classic, C for catchy and C for cool. In a world full of trend, followers become a trendsetter. Nearly every season the trend keeps fluctuating. Trends show their different shades and next what happens is pretty expected. Everyone find themselves running in a race to reach the milestone of adopting the trend. Be it at the beach, a post-exam party or a prom night everyone is dressed in the most mainstream fashion. The enigma of classics which can go from office style to post-work party remains unsorted. The way classics have always made their way under the spotlight and pushed the latest trends in the background is synonymous to mystifying.

To become the center of attention might appear easy but it is not. In fact, you might have to break the norms of the on-going trend and follow your own pattern. When it comes to standing out of the crowd it is the classics which help you out. Classics are major rescuers which make sure you don’t look just ordinary. Classics help you buy the charm that is enough to fascinate anyone. Not only do the classics turn out to be the heroes of an event, but they also help you stay in the memory of others for a long time. Nobody dares to forget someone who manages to sort herself with an impeccably gorgeous outfit.

Classics old-fashioned?

Many of you might think that dressing up with a classic sense of style is pretty old-fashioned. Well, let’s insert a big NO over here because the classic dressing is not at all about being dumb and dull. Classic is all about the timeless trends. The way their exquisite colors and modest pairings give them the accent of style is simply remarkable. The way each of the fashionably faithful classic articles is intricately designed, textured and beaded steals the show every time you put them on. Moreover, classics never become out of fashion. They are always in the trend. In fact, they are the trend themselves.

Why don’t people opt for classics then?

The answer is pretty much clear. People tend to focus more on what is currently being followed rather than what would make them an unforgettable appeal. Fashion and trends are supposed to make you impeccably fabulous from every angle. Everyone must have guts to try something new. Many fashionistas find experimenting with classics risky. They think instead of becoming an overwhelming sensation among the crowd they would possibly end up making a fool out of themselves. However, you must know the spell to carry the dress in the style. Want to know the spell? The spell consists of only one word – confidence.

Should I go for it?

Definitely! Show everyone who has the utmost spark of sleek style. You won’t realize the significance of classic dressing unless you practically pull out an outfit. Show off your classic dress and influence everyone with your spell-binding perfection.

Trends are good. Classics are the best. 

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