Types of Dresses and Occasions

A smart dressing sense includes complimenting the attire with the occasion you are wearing it at. The occasion and purpose solely dictate the kind of attire you choose to wear.

Every person is different and have different ideas of what fashion is. Fashion is all the more growing the scope of clothing. Listed below are the 10 major categories of occasions and the clothing style that would be the best fit for each.

A wedding

The lights, the extravagance and the romantic environment of a wedding asks for a elegant, lavish, but classy outfit. Ethnic style fits best for this occasion. Try and add a little glitter to your outfit which goes with the night lamps but complementing your make-up.If the wedding is a day-wedding , go for the trendy pastels and bright yet light colours. Go merry with the colors but always hugging your self-confidence and comfort. A cape dress, crop top and lehenga. Some fabulous Indo Western outfits are so in trend. A dhoti pant with embellished jackets or a sari with a jacket.

Men, can choose from a range of formal suits or kurta- pyajamas. To kurta paired with chinos and a Nehru Jacket with different fabrics.

An interview

A job interview for instance is an totally contrasting occasion asking for different style.

Formal style suits best for this. Straight cute  pants or trousers with formal blouses or tops. Shirts and pencil skirts. A dark Navy blue blazer with button down shirt and pants paired with heels. Make sure not to be showing too much skin. Do not accessories much, just a simple watch would suffice, which shows that you value time.

Basically, choose a formal style clothing which makes your fashion statement strong and your confidence is reflected in your dressing.

Man, go for a well tailored suit and formal shoes. A collared shirt and trousers with tie.

A Dinner Date

Romantic and important occasion.Your turn to put your best foot forward and impress your date.

Go sexy with your outfit, not to forget it’s not everyone’s cup of tea and skin-show is not the only way to put your best forward. Try Chic outfits like Evening dresses and skirts.

Men can choose from a subtle colored shirt or t-shirt with jeans or trousers. Try to be casual but presentable which shows you have put some effort in your outfit.

A day out with friends

Pairing jeans with a simple yet cute blouse or a topper with flat ballets or sandals is the ideal outfit for a coffee meet. You can also pick up your favourite shorts or trousers to pair up with your blouse.

Wear a cute tee paired up with a jeans and crocs or sandals (and a nice watch if you want to). You can also wear denim shorts for the extra casual effect.

An important company party to attend

So this would be an important party with officials from your profession. Your chance of promotion and raise and other opportunities might get affected by this party.

Go for a bodycon knee length dress, or a shirt, layered with a blazer. There are so many options in suits, available these days with designers experimenting with the basic design.

Accessories would help you glam your look.


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