Want to be a fashionista? Confused about what to wear?

I have nothing to wear.

My wardrobe is useless.

The dresses I have are nothing closer to make me look like a fashionista.

“I have to go shopping now!

And the rant goes on! Do you find something similar in the above exclamations? Well, at one point or other women have to go through a phase where they have absolutely nothing to wear. Everyone wants to grab a handful of attention. Be it your college campus, your workplace or a club your only desire is to keep all eyes fixed on you. You lose yourself in the never-ending spiral of fantasies where every man is hypnotized by your charm.

Snap! Coming out of the fantasies and facing your boring and mundane wardrobe is no fun. It triggers every neuron of your brain to throw a tantrum and head to the mall for a shopping spree. Being a fashionista is not always about digging the best clothes from Gucci or the best footwear from Charles and Keith. You can manage to make your way exactly under the spotlight without spending thousands of bucks. It is all about what you pick up for yourself.


If you see someone who looks absolutely flawless in a dress it is not mandatory that the same will look good on you as well. Play smartly! Whenever you buy something always know whether it would make you look ravishing or not. Pick colors that would look good on your complexion. You have the authority to play with the colors.

If you want to play bold, then go for dark and metallic colors. If you want to keep it light, then delightful and bright shades would do well. Those people who are too skinny, they should avoid wearing very flowy dresses. Flowy dresses drape gracefully on the body of people who are not skinny. Those with bony arms and skinny, long legs and no body fat must try strappy dresses. Dresses with spaghetti strap cape, asymmetric neckline, bateau boat neckline look grand on them. Those people who are not skinny but blessed with curves to show off have a lot on their platter. They can go for outfits with off-shoulder style, Queen Anne neckline, sweetheart, semi-sweetheart, V-neck, scoop and many others. As long as you know your figure and complexion well you can pull off any outfit.


No worries! Usually, girls have a good eye for details and a great visualization sense. They can quickly judge a dress for themselves. The part which annoys them the most is the makeup and accessories. Look, makeup and accessories are not for every time you head out of your home. A lip balm and a BB cream are enough to give you refreshed look when going out casually. At the workplace, nude makeup would do the job. In case of a fancy party or a date, you can go for a perfect makeup with a highlighter and double-winged eyeliner.

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