Western Clothing and its influence on the Modern Women

As the century changes, many things change too. Transformation is the word that is the best suited for this change. This transformation has led to many achievements in every field of our lives. The use of western styled clothing is increasing and growing at an alarming rate. The clothing style is getting popular in every part around the globe. Retailers are stocking up the western wears due to the increase in demands. In recent surveys, it was found that, on an average, a woman wears western clothes for four to five times a week.

So, what is the big driving factor of this trend? There seems to be a multiple factor driving this trend. Some include economic factors and global market while some include the style, the designs and the comfort. Some reason may also include the large social phenomena. The western wear defines not only the clothing and style but also the attitude and the degree of freedom a woman has or chooses to have. Earlier, the dressing or clothing of woman in world was every similar. Now a days, the clothing style changes from country to country. Most woman prefer to wear the trends prevailing in the county they are visiting or living. The topic of woman clothing and dressing has always been a social issue.

Impact on the modern woman:

The western clothing and the various agenda behind every form of clothing has affected the modern woman in many ways. Be it her thinking or her choice this line of clothing has affected the today’s generation woman in the following ways:

1. Style Statement:

Who don’t want to be a fashionable and classy chic. Western clothing line has given a way to achieve and ace the look every woman wants to get. The western clothing style provides a wide range of choice in bottoms and blouses. Be it a shirt, a blouse or a simple tee and top the garment speaks for itself. The type of skirt or the type of jeans or trousers speaks the occasion in a very subtle yet elegant manner. So the western wear is a style statement of the modern woman.

2. Comfort over virtues of the society:

Many parts of the world hold various virtues and values that are associated with the morals and freedom of a woman. Especially in ancient times, the more clothes and the longer the length of the cloth, the better the status of the woman. Earlier the respect and status of the woman was decided from the length of their dresses for skirts. But in the modern era, woman is breaking those virtues to feel comfortable. The biggest advantage is to the working class of the modern woman. Comfort is really necessary when one has to work for 8 hours straight. So, the western wear provides comfort to most modern women.

3. Traditional evolution and transformation:

Wester wear is the practice or style of clothes in the West world. As the gradual increase in the clothing preference for western wear, now a day’s designers are creating fusion dresses with western trends and the traditional. This is providing a new range of clothing with beautiful and mixed designs.

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