What are some fashionable outfits to look classy?

Any outfit becomes fashionable and classy if you style it properly according to your comfort, body shape, accessories and the occasion where it is worn. We all want to look classy and fashionable but not everyone is a stylist. Dressing classy is knowing the limits and sophistication of the manner and who better than a stylist could tell you that? A stylist knows not only what styles and apparels are trending and where to wear what but also, they have the hard-earned skill to style even the simplest of your wardrobe items and dresses into gorgeous and fashionable outfits.

During the summers when you don’t want to wear too many clothes and neither want to look a mess when not willing to pay for a professional fashion stylist, the option is to style a single piece of your outfits such as the skirt or the top or better, wear such designer pieces which do not need external styling. Just buy and wear. But before you dive in to test your new confidence, read our blog to get some tips and insights into the world of fashion and style.

Why are 25-yard skirts so trending?

Being at home for the last 1.5 years, I have observed something very interesting. Women are using skirts, mostly 25-yard skirts a lot. They are wearing them at home, in the markets (for the limited time they are there) and even the 25 people micro weddings as they are in the fashion these days. Well, I guess classy is when you can wear the same, the exact same style dress everywhere. Thus, I guess we have found our classy essential for these times. I’m listing below some of the reasons reading which you would agree that it’s the time for 25-yard skirts.

  1. Very comfortable
  2. Easy to wear
  3. Not expensive
  4. Stylish and designer
  5. Available in multiple designs and colours
  6. Fit for women of all age
  7. A good choice for every weather
  8. Can be easily styled with other apparels and accessories
  9. Trending and very fashionable

How to style 25-yard skirts easily without a stylist?

Tops and blows are the only options available which women usually wear with a 25-yard skirt. But thanks to the fashion designers, there is variety in each of them. You have a sleeveless, full-sleeve, thin shoulder strap, neck halter, supportless tops. Blouses vary from traditional to modern. Here, you would find more or less the same designs but the basic structure would be of the blouse, of course. Let us discuss some of the ideas.

  • With a vest-style top: A top with thin shoulder straps which resembles a vest looks so easy and fashionable with 25-yard skirts. They keep you cool and make you feel light. You can wear either a simple single colour top or go for the contrast. If your skirt is patterned or multi-coloured then wearing a similar top is not a good idea.
  • With a simple sari blouse or any other blouse: Sari blouses are the best match with a 25-yard skirt if you have a traditional event scheduled. This style is also perfect for weddings and family get-togethers (which are rare owing to the pandemic).
  • With a full-sleeve top: This style gives a more sober and decent look. Wear a fitting top or a buttoned shirt styled one, either solid coloured or a dyed top.
  • With a shoulder-less top: A shoulder-less top is a modern style. Women are seen wearing this outfit during wedding ceremonies and even brides favour it. This is a party wear fashion outfit.

What accessories to match with a 25-yard skirt and a top or blouse?

If you are wearing a blouse then use a net dupatta or a dark coloured decorated one which acts as a cherry on the top of an ice cream which makes little difference if it’s not there. So, you have to be subtle. With a shirt or a fancy top, you can put on a scarf and style them accordingly to match the occasion or place.

P.S: Read our guide on how to style scarves and where to buy them on our blog page.

Now you know that styling a 25-yard skirt is so easy and simple. The key is to observe what others are doing and how different styles and outfits look on them. You need to have only a basic understanding of colours which you must have already developed matching different coloured dresses from your wardrobe. And then you have our tops already laid out for you. Sign up for our newsletter as well if you want to keep receiving more such tips and guides.

Thanks for reading!

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