What are the best shoes for your wrap skirt?

Wrap skirts are the new trend in the women apparel section. Introduced first in the early 60s, the wrap skirts, both long and short, both maxi and midi, are gaining traction and love again among the ladies. Not only they are liked by the women who wear them, but also are one of the most favourite pieces of bottom wear which men like to see their ladies in. Today, we would be talking about wrap skirts (of course) and would investigate which shoes and footwear go the best with what type of wrap skirt. So, tighten your seatbelts for a very useful, fun and totally informative blog reading.

Why are wrap skirts so much in fashion?

Have you finally touched your shopping target budget and are about to make the big choice of choosing a few among the thousands you love? Well, I may have some advice for you.

As already told above, the wrap skirts are stealing the show. Why? Peep below: –

  1. Super comfortable
  2. Easy to DIY
  3. Cheap to buy
  4. Innumerable shapes, styles and designs
  5. Completely bias-free
  6. Goes with all other clothing parts
  7. Footwear of all kind suited

The above points make it very much clear why the wrap skirts are on-trend. Thus, they make an ideal choice for your closet. You would find the best styles online. I found many on the store333 and wevez. Let’s keep it short and jump to the style my skirt and match my shoes part.

A short tip on wrap skirt styling

  • Wrap skirts mingle with all other garments such as the top, leggings, stockings or accessories such as mufflers, scarves, clutches, sunglasses etc. What I mean to say is that every time you wear a wrap skirt, you need not worry about what to wear with that skirt. Although you need to keep the basics in mind, more or less, everything fits in.
  • Multicoloured wrap skirts or pattern or patched ones are the best choices if you want to do less brainstorming with matching your outfit pieces.
  • Heels go on with most of the wrap skirts. And the same is true for flat sandals. Thus, you need not buy separate footwear for your wrap skirt.

Which shoes fit best with wrap skirts?

The wrap skirts are so versatile and thus you can pair almost any type of shoes, sandals, hair, boots or footwear with them. Below, we have discussed the different types of wrap skirts and what type of shoes to pair with them. Take a good look.

Maxi wrap skirts

More suitable for casual wear or to wear at home, they are also a favourite clothing item for middle-aged women but also equally loved by adults. You can pair them up with cold shoulder tops, neck support tops, t-shirts, etc. With maxi skirts, sneakers and boots don’t look good obviously. Wear flats, flip-flops and sandals of all types such as strapped, thong, coloured, sporty, mid-heel or any other fancy styles. Platform heels are a better choice with maxi wrap skirts especially if you have a short length but this sets no limit to their use. You can wear sneakers and casual unisex shoes with midi wrap skirts which are a total match.

Midi wrap skirts

Midi wrap skirts are of variable length. They length from knees to ankle. The most attractive variants of midi skirts are the ones with a slit and a slightly longer length. Pump up mid-length heels or high heels with these to flaunt that gorgeous look. If you choose to wear a biker jacket with a specially decorated wrap skirt such as the one with zipped corners or funky pockets, then you can choose to go with flat heel boots as well. You can wear boots or high heels with straps if you opt to wear shorter midi wrap skirts.

Mini wrap skirts

Mini wrap skirts are famous among the same group which likes genuine mini and micro skirts. Because of their short length and sassy and cool shape and style, you can wear loafers, flat sandals, strap sandals and boots and platform heels as well. Knee-length booties just mix with your cool multicoloured or plain wrap skirts like bread and butter.

Thus, we see that wrap skirts are very versatile and give us freedom of choice to wear what suits our mood and timing. Sneakers, flip-flops for mini and midi wrap skirts, boots for micro wraps skirts, sandals and flats for maxi wrap skirts, and heels go with every form of a wrap skirt. I hope this helped you enough to choose the correct footwear for your wrap skirt.

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