What are your favourite types of skirt to wear?

Skirts are that piece of fashionable clothing that can reflect a huge variety of emotions. The way you wear them, the style, the fabric, the colour and your body shape. Also, the way you wear them decide a lot such as layering them with other clothes and accessories. Feminine, flirty, warm, stylish, moralistic & proper, daring. They are many different types such as pencil skirt, A-line skirt, Circle skirt, Pleated skirt, Maxi style and long skirt, Tutu skirts, Skaters, etc. and the best thing about them is that they are not the occasion or location-specific. You can decide how you want yourself to look on a particular day and then style your skirt accordingly using other pieces of clothing.

Let us look at the best of the kind and explore each such that you get an idea of how to wear them and then finally decide the best for yourself. You would notice that multi-dye skirts are very versatile and go with almost everything.

Most worn skirts and how to style them

Midi skirts

This is the most versatile of all and especially the multi-dyed ones. They just go with every top and accessory. You can wear the same piece to every place. You can pair up almost every type of footwear and layer it with other accessories to pitch up the look. Midi skirts are also very easy to wear and comfortable. Midis also come in many styles and designs and you can choose for your requirements.

Key points about midi skirts: –

  1. Versatile
  2. Easy to carry
  3. Comfortable
  4. Many varieties

Pencil skirts

Pencil skirts are the most loved and worn by women who have a job and an office to go to. Another office choice is the tulip skirt which is also very sober and decent. A pencil skirt can be paired up with plain tops and jackets depending upon the need. Solid coloured pencil skirts are perfect for formal occasions and can be paired with full sleeves plain colour shirts and heels. When the occasion is less formal or casual, you can add a biker jacket with the plain black above knee pencil skirt or the other option is a multi-dye skirt or a floral pattern one.

Key features of pencil skirts: –

  1. Stylish and attractive
  2. More formal
  3. Easy to maintain

Maxi skirts

Maxi skirts are a perfect choice for housewives and colder seasons. Being a large piece of cloth, they can have many features and styles combined into one but can also be simple and unique. A striped multi-dye maxi skirt would go with any type and colour of the top and you can add an overcoat and boots. Maxi skirts are usually multi-coloured and suitable for women of every height.

Key feature: –

  1. Suitable for all
  2. Many patterns and designs
  3. Good for cold weathers
  4. Comfortable and fashionable

Mini/Micro skirts

These are in the trend very much among the younger generations. Solid, multi-dye, patterned, floral, side-slit, zipped, with buttons, pocket and other styles are especially popular. Miniskirts with stockings or leggings, t-shirts, a leather jacket and long boots are the best match. Micro and also miniskirts both can be worn on their own as well with a casual top. Stylish sweaters also pair up well with miniskirts, warm leggings and boots. Miniskirts are also popular among school and college students as they give a feel of modernism and are very attractive, appealing and eye-catching.

Key features of mini/micro skirts: –

  1. Trending
  2. Fashionable and appealing
  3. Multiple ways to layer

All the styles discussed above are equally fit for all the weathers. They come in varied styles and designs and you can easily pair them up with any type of top, footwear or any other accessory. Also notice, that multi-dye skirts are also very popular in every category of skirts and go hand-in-hand with every type of clothing. Multi-dye skirts are so popular and ever-fitting because of their nature of mixed colours. There is always something matching that you have in your wardrobe for the multi-dye skirt. Also, they are not a fixed type of clothing. They come in every category- midi, mini, micro, maxi, tulip, tutu, pleated, patched, pencil, etc. Thus, whatever be your personal favourite type of skirt, you can always rely on a multi-dye skirt to do the job.

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