Which is a good store to buy scarves and how can I style them?

A good store to buy any kind of item in women clothing is Wevez. You would find all the variety and amazing designs available at this online store. Variable sizes, numerous colours, and for all ages. Accessories section is awesome under which you would find scarves which would take over your heart at the first sight. We would explore more why we love Wevez and the products sold here one by one. Wevez is the perfect brand for you, and you too would agree upon the statement once you know more about the fab store.

Considering scarves, you would find the best ones here and how to style them? That would be taken care of as well in the latter part of this quick-read blog.

Why Wevez?

It is the best to know the truth and do your research before trusting anything or anyone. And that’s exactly why you are reading this blog. There are many brands that claim of high quality, super-fast delivery, etc. but do not stand up to them. Wevez is not among those. So, the trustworthy features of Wevez are: –

  1. Reliable in terms of quality, service and everything else
  2. Fast delivery (within 3-5 business days)
  3. Premium fabric quality
  4. Superior and stylish designs
  5. Natural non-fading colours
  6. Huge variety
  7. Respectable and polite customer service
  8. Big sales and discounts

Before looking into the shopping store, let us know how to style scarves with various other apparels.

How to style scarves?

You can wear scarves with each and every top or dress you wear with only a few exceptions. However, we all are smart enough to understand that you cannot wear a scarf over a wedding dress. You can wear scarves with tops, shirts, formals such as pant-shirt, gowns or casuals such as cold shoulder tops, t-shirts, skirts of all kind -mini, midi, micro, dresses such as midi and maxi, and everything else you can imagine and is present in the markets (or say your wardrobe). We would see a few ways to style a single scarf in different ways so that you can take this cheaply and with something new every time.

5 ways to style a scarf

  1. Simply hanging: Take a scarf and simply hang them over your shoulders around the neck. This look basically goes with full sleeve apparels or with full length clothing such as plazo or maxi dresses.
  2. Loop through: Wrap the doubly folded scarf and then pass one flap from the loop made by the bent. This is a common style used mostly in colder weathers to keep the neck portion warm. Use this with long overcoats, jacket, skirts, full sleeves shirts, midi and maxi dresses.
  3. Hanging with double flaps: You simply make big and easy loops around the neck with each end of the scarf on either side of the neck over the chest. A cool and sober look, perfect for office or school going ladies.
  4. Chest & neck coat: Another decent style. In this, you have no flaps hanging anywhere, instead, the scarf is folded into half and the ends are tied into a knot. This makes a loop. Now, wear over your head, twist and keeping the knots at the back, hoop over you head once again. This style demands a bigger scarf such that you are comfortable with the first short loop in the neck and such that it can hang, covering the chest area like Indian dupatta.
  5. Loop through with knot: A classic style where you loop the scarf and style it as you did in the method 2 above. The only difference is that this time you tie a knot instead of just passing one of the flaps through the loop. This style gives a neat cum casual look which can be used for both college or outing with friends.

So, these were some styles which every woman should know. Accessories are important add-ons if you want to stand out among the crowd. So, let us explore the shopping store Wevez’s stock.


From sassy beach dresses to stonewash dresses, beautiful and stylish maxi dresses, comfortable and gorgeous maternity dresses, midi dresses and sleeve dresses, you can find a lot of amazing designs and varieties in each of the styles listed here. So, the available options are: –

  1. Beach Dresses
  2. Stonewash Dresses
  3. Maxi Dresses
  4. Casual Dresses
  5. Maternity Dresses
  6. Midi Dresses
  7. Sleeve Dresses
  8. Boutique Clothing

Kaftans and Kimonos

You will find all types of gorgeous and mind-blowing long and plus-size apparels here. Also, most of the designs are casual styled and very popular. Just scroll through this section once and you would know.


You would be amazed at the designs of the tops sold at Wevez’s. This is my most loved section and my first place to look when out shopping. The designs sold are very popular and trending among women of all age. The tops are under three main categories, gypsy, summer and winter tops but contain all types, sizes and designs.

  1. Gypsy tops
  2. Summer tops
  3. Winter tops


All your skirt ideas would now come true. No hassle for quality or size. Wevez has all the standard available sizes such as 12-yard, 16-yard, 25 and 32-yard skirts, Sari style skirts and also many other cool and demanding casual skirts. Also, just like other categories in this list, there is variety in the skirts section as well. In the 25-yard skirts, you have Plain or multi dye skirts, Flamenco skirts, Jaipur Polka Dot skirts, Padma Lotus and Border Lace skirts styles available to choose from as per your customer base and demand. Another set is compiled under the Sari skirts which are also known as wrap skirts. They come in varied colours and beautiful designs and lengths- mini, short, medium, long, plus size. The various categories are: –

  1. 12 Yard Skirts
  2. 25Yard Skirts
  3. 16 Yard Skirts
  4. Sari Skirts
  5. 32 Yard Skirts
  6. Casual Skirts


Under this section, you would find pant styled full-length bottom wears in all type of design and beautiful colours. Long split skirts, Plazo, Patiala, Trousers, Fusion silk umbrella skirts, Balloon harem pants, Boho Art style pants, sleepwear, Tribal print pants, American fusion pants, Stonewashed pants, Turkish and patched pants and skirts, etc. This is a complete bottom wear section.

  1. Long split skirts
  2. Plazo
  3. Patiala
  4. Trousers
  5. Fusion silk umbrella skirts
  6. Balloon harem pants
  7. Boho Art style pants
  8. Sleepwear
  9. Tribal print pants
  10. American fusion pants
  11. Stonewashed pants
  12. Turkish and patched pants

Belly Dance Items

This is the ethnic section. So, here you will find all the items necessary for your belly dance performance or to dress for a theme party or any other ethnic and traditional plans. The multi colours and sparkling design is so attractive that everyone at the party would be giving you glances of admiration and inspiration. The stuff you would find here is: –

  1. Belly dance costumes
  2. Belts
  3. Scarves
  4. Dance veils
  5. Zills
  6. Georgette skirts


Multi-coloured and eye-catching designs in handbags, side bags, sling bags, bindis, scarves, wristbands, headbands and other clothing decoration accessories are sold for a good price in this wholesale section of the unique wevez.

  • Bag
  • Bindi
  • Headband
  • Scarves

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