Why do fashion brands have high costs if the same thing is available cheaper in local markets?

Well, the basic and the most obvious answer to the above question which pops into our mind is the quality factor. We think that since the quality is superior, the price is high and the is advertised to us by the brands. Indeed! It is true (most of the times) and you can verify that once you buy the product. They last long and look premium. But this means that most of us then can’t afford to buy such branded and good quality products. Today, let us talk about the various reasons due to which we get the same (almost) thing in the local markets but the brands sell it at a higher price.

How local market sellers sell premium products at a cheap price?

1. Second copies

Most of the brand tagged products sold in the local markets are actually fake second copies or very similar ones with unnoticeable difference. They are still sold at a higher price than what took to produce them. And you would know by mere touch that they are not at all of good quality if you have ever used a branded one.

2. Rejected lot

Companies produce a million copies at a time and it is obvious that many pieces produced do not stand up to the mark. Even a not-perfect stitching or a minute variation from the design is rejected and not launched in the market. Wholesalers or local vendors buy this lot a lower price and sell it in the market at lower prices than the original copies.

So, we have seen the two top hacks used by local seller such that they sell branded clothes at a lower price. Now, let us see why are fashion brands costly and if its worth the price and why it is not always true.

Why are fashion brands costly?


Quality is their strongest bet. They use premium quality raw materials and colours, high-tech machines, expert labours and invest more time and resources. These all things result in high quality products that are appealing to the eye.


The design of their products is also unique and designed by expert fashion designers and artists. The products are designed so as to stand the test of time, rough and tough use, and other harsh conditions. No doubt designing is a costly process and demands high labour input.


Sometimes, just to create a name in the market, brands demand high prices that are not at all reasonable. Since it is set in the minds of the buyers that a brand costs more, thus they keep high prices for lower quality when compared to standard and pre-established brands.


Origin plays an important role in any industry whether it be foreign brand products or clients from a different part of the world. If you are a native of Cuba, you would obviously get the cheapest sugar in the world because the produce his highest there. But the same sugar would be sold at price you would never imagine to pay, in a different part of the world, most probably where there is less or no produce.

So, these were the major reasons why any brand could charge you for what they are providing. They may or may not be costly depending on the product they are selling. Well, that is a talk of sometime else. But every brand doesn’t isn’t “really” costly but demand a fair and decent price. Well, Wevez is a store which satisfies all the above points. See how below.

Top features of Wevez

  1. Amazing quality
  2. Beautiful colours and designs
  3. Fast worldwide delivery in 3-5 business days
  4. Very active and helpful customer service
  5. Amazing quality for a decent price
  6. Many sales and discount offer
  7. Huge Variety
  8. Custom designs as per your choice

What can you buy at Wevez

  1. Tops
  2. Skirts
  3. Pants and Pyjamas
  4. Accessories
  5. Dresses (Maxi, Midi, Beach, Maternity, Stonewashed, etc.)
  6. Kimonos and Kaftans
  7. Belly dance dress

Thus, Wevez becomes our saviour, breaking the brand means pocket loose myth or fact or whatever. Now you can shop freely without the compromise of quality and fear of surpassing your budget. Merry shopping!

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