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Zill also called limb cymbals, originated from Turkey are minute metallic tools. The brass tools used in belly dance and musical performances. Zills are also known as sājāt in Arabian language. They are analogous to the tingsha bells from Tibet. The zills are famous for the tenkey music as a treat for the ears. This unique quality makes them perfect for dance and similar presentations.

Types of Zills

A pair of this tool comprises of four pieces of the cymbals. One hand needs two cymbals. This tool comes in various types of sizes. The most widely used size of zills are of 5 cm diameter. How one zill differs from another? All zills have one thing in common that is they make the tinkling sound. But how they are different depends on the forms and dimensions of the tool. Different contours and sizes create distinctive sounds, echo and tones. For example, if the performance includes an ensemble that the dancer will use a bigger zill that makes a brassier sound.

The performer may choose a zill with a gentle or feeble sound. The choice of the shape and size depends on the performance venue. The size of the performance venue also helps in deciding the size of the zill. Some native tribal performers usually use a big sized zill that produces a more smooth and mellow sound.

What are they made of?

Zill are usually made with brass rather than using bronze. The manufacturer can use a combination of alloys to achieve the sound he sounds to get. The color of the zill can also be customized according to the producer. The exterior of the tool varies in color also. They can be dull, shiny, plane or even decorated and ornamented. Earlier, when the use of elastic was not so common, the two pieces of the tool were tied together with leather and pelt straps on the fingers. But the present doers use zills that are elastically secured. They are secured as one on the central finger and the other on the thumb.

Many zills may have two holes to allow the stringing of the elastic thread in the zill, that results in better control and better movement. While some may have only one hole that yields better wobble and vibration besides using of the speed in a creative manner. The type of zill to used depends of the comfort and familiarity of the dancer with this tool, so chose your zill.

Zill used like idiophone that is one pair in each hand is played in many modes and ways. Every modes and type yield a different tone such as expansive or elusive sounds by one quite and feeble clicking, packed music, loud ticks, a sweet sound of a bell ringing and even a tiny array in the timbre change. This tool is discovered from the classic big drums and bands in Ottoman. One can get every type of zill from Store 333 at very pocket friendly prices. The tool adds a gloss to your performance, so zill you way up.


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